Recap of May 19 meeting

May 20, 2009

After a most pleasant hospitality time, President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order with thirty two members and guests attending. There being no significant business to transact, we proceeded to a delicious lunch.

As dessert was served, Allan introduced our speaker of the day, Guy Gruppie of Murchison & Cumming. Our society has been called litigious. Guy presented statistics that did nothing to dispel that notion. The United States has more lawyers per capita than any other industrialized nation. The U.S. has 1 lawyer for every 265 citizens,  the comparable figure for China is 1 in 8000.

Accordingly, it is almost inevitable that anyone in business will be involved a lawsuit (or several of them) somewhere along the line.

Further contributing to the abundance of legal actions is the U.S. contingency fee system, with the attorney taking a percentage of any recovery as their fee. Typically, the percentage is one third to one half. Also, unlike many countries, the U.S. has no system where the loser pays the costs of suit, contractual provisions lacking.

Closer to home, there are certain areas designated as “legal hellholes” due to the proliferation of lawsuits. Los Angeles County is number one on that list and Clark County Nevada is number 4. Some others are Cook County, Illinois and Southern Florida.

Guy meticulously outlined the steps to protect against suits and what to expect from your lawyer in preventing, preparing for and defending them.

Thanks, Guy for your work in preparing such an excellent program just for our group. Thanks also to your able staff, associate Marianne Zakarian and IT expert Bob Leon. Great job!

Lastly, we had our raffle for a terrific group of prizes provided by Brian Gaa of CED, Steve Grainer of Mitsubishi, Tim Hawkins, Ed Trudeau and Gordon Simpkins of GMS. Mary Thomsic, John and Doris Brannon, Allan Lloyd of Draka, Jack Lawson, Patricia Howard of Janus and Leslie Malloy of Westcoast Pads.  SEE’s provided some very nice fabric tote bags for all attendants.

The raffle prize winners included:

Harvey Ledesma, Jack Lawson, Mike Barnum, Gordon Simpkins, Andy Duzich, Leonard Patito, Jo Wheeler, Ray Miller, Elizabeth Courtney and Woody Wright. This month’s attendance prize, a Fifty dollar gift card for Bev-Mo, provided by the group, went to Ray Miller



Recap of Meeting of April 21

April 22, 2009

After a pleasant period of conversation and libations, President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order with thirty-two members and guests attending. Scott Dutton of CED announced that they will host a “one day” training seminar on May 7th and 8th covering installation, adjusting, troubleshooting, etc. for SMARTRISE control systems which are distributed by CED. One may attend either day and there is no charge, free Continental breakfast and lunch. The seminars will be held at the Holiday Inn, 2640 N. Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach. Limited space is available each day, so contact Scott Dutton at (800) 266-0908 to reserve your seat.

 After self introductions, we enjoyed a very nice lunch, choosing from entrees of baked half chicken or Dover sole. As we began the dessert course, our program for this month commenced. Jeff Yeager, Regional Sales Manager for Motion Control Engineering (MCE) began by giving us a bit of background on MCE. The subject for this meeting was (so called) Machine Room Less (MRL) elevators. He explained that MRL’s are not a new thing to MCE, as they have furnished equipment for numerous installations. What is new is the availability of a complete MRL package, produced in concert with sister company Imperial Electric, long time producer of elevator machines. So, we have MCE controls, Imperial machines and other required components from a variety of sources making up a complete “package”. Jeff stated that the intent is to perpetuate and extend the basic MCE philosophy of systems available to and serviceable by all.

 Jeff then yielded to Emery Thran, Elevator Programs Manager for MCE, for some more technical details. Emery explained that their version of the MRL is highly conventional. The machine, located at the top of the hoistway, is supported by machine beams which in turn are supported by the building structure. All versions use conventional wire rope suspension and sheaves are cast steel. The machine proper is a permanent magnet gearless type, 2:1 underslung.  A remote set/reset governor is incorporated. A visual indicator which tells the position of the car in the hoistway is provided. This enables “drifting” of the car to a safe and convenient location for cycling the doors to remove passengers if technical problems prohibit normal operation.

The controller is installed in a “closet”, which preferably is located adjacent to the hoistway at the top floor, although there is considerable flexibility in that area.

A spirited discussion of “proprietary” equipment ensued as part of the question and answer period. Of course, that long standing dispute was not settled in our forum, but the discussion was interesting and informative.

Thanks to Jeff and Emery, and all who participated for a stimulating program.

We concluded with our raffle for a great group of prizes provided by:

Stan Schultz, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jeff Yeager and Emery Thran of MCE, Mary Thomsic, Bernie Tillipman, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC ELEVATOR, Jo Wheeler of WEST COAST PADS, Jack Lawson, Mark Keelan of SCHUNK GRAPHITE, Roy Miller of SEEs/DRAKA, Gerry Mckinnon, Tim Hawkins and Scott Dutton of CED.

And the winners were:

Dave Altman, Marilyn Look, Stan Schultz, Joe Gonzalez, Mark Keelan, Sam Farooqi, John Brannon, Nick Escamilla, Mike Corbo, Mary Thomsic, Bill Adrian and Bernie Tillipman. The “grand prize” (a $75 gift certificate), provided by the group, was won by Bill Adrian.

Next month should be an outstanding program, covering a subject we all know well (perhaps all too well): “How to avoid getting sued and how to defend yourself if it happens anyway”. The date is May 19. Mark it down now.



March 19, 2009

           Recap of Meeting of March 17, 2009

Forty one handsome lads and lovely colleens gathered on St. Patrick’s Day for our March meeting.  After everyone collected their lucky shamrock coin, we enjoyed a preliminary hospitality hour featuring green beer. President Allan O’Lloyd opened the meeting and called for self introductions. Alan said that next month’s program will be presented by Jeff Yaeger of MOTION CONTROL ENGINEERING. This presentation will cover the new line of “market” MRL elevators being produced in concert with sister company IMPERIAL ELECTRIC.

Allan read us the treasurer’s report, indicating that the group is still solvent. We then had a lovely lunch of either corned beef and cabbage or Dover sole, according to choice.

Next was a presentation by Dirk Schoffler of STINGL SYSTEMS. Dirk explained that STINGL SYSTEMS is a family owned company based in Germany. Their “MOBIL PANO” work platform was described in detail. It is a work platform that mounts against an entrance and is cantilevered into the hoistway. It does not touch the rear hoistway wall and can be used on any type of elevator at any landing. It is particularly well adapted for use with “MRL” elevators. Thanks Dirk, for a most informative presentation!

Mark Menke of ELEVATOR PRODUCTS CORPORATION (EPCO) gave us a Power Point about their fixture line, both the INCHLINE, which is their standard line, and their custom fixtures. EPCO states that they are currently the largest producer of custom elevator fixtures in the U.S., with sales of about $20 million, 93% of which are shipped on schedule. Mark also covered their emergency light package, which powers the regular cab lights (as opposed to a separate light fixture). Of course, they still make door gibs. Good job, Mark!

We concluded with our fabulous raffle, for prizes provided by Mary Thomsic of ALPS, Gerry McKinnon, Marilyn and Launis Look of LOOK STAIRCHAIRS, Stan Schultz, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack and Pat Parker, John and Doris Brannon, Leslie Malloy of WESTCOAST PADS, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC ELEVATOR, Mike Shaw, Mike Farris of LERCH BATES, Carolyn Chavez of EECO, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT and Brian Gaa of CED.

And the winners were:

Joe Orrico, Marilyn Look, Mike Farris, Darla Abel, Andy Duzich, Janice Serrano, Jack Lawson. Allan Lloyd, Brian Gaa, Bill Adrian, Tom Brannon, Scott Southard, Iwan Nigg, Harvey Ledesma and Steve Grainer.



Recap of February 17 meeting

February 19, 2009


Following a holiday and torrential rainstorms, twenty hardy souls showed up for our February meeting.

President Allan Lloyd greeted the group and initiated the usual round of self introductions. Allan announced that beginning with next month’s meeting, we will do away with the traditional “head table” and seating will be open. The officers will distribute themselves among the other attendees.

There was no treasurer’s report as such, but Allan and treasurer Leslie Malloy assured us that the group is solvent.

After lunch we were treated to a nice product presentation from Bob Mehalick, Industry manager, Elevators and Railways for WAGO Corp. David Bray, Regional Sales Manager, was also on hand.

Bob gave us a brief history of WAGO, founded in Germany in 1951. WAGO USA was established in 1979 and appropriately is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin. The original idea was to produce wire terminations that would be free of the problems commonly associated with those in use at the time, which depended on screws and bolts, which are inherently labor intensive. The basic idea is to use spring tension to secure the wire end and over the years, WAGO has developed this idea to a high art. Bob said that statistics show that 75% of machine failures are caused by loose wires. Their records show not a single failure with their design since they began keeping records in 1977.

The design is such that one opens the spring clamp with a special screwdriver or a lever designed for the purpose. Then, the wire is inserted and when the clamp is released, the wire is securely fastened by spring pressure.

Thanks Bob and David for your efforts!

We proceeded to our raffle, for prizes provided by:

Carolyn Chavez of EECO, Harvey Ledesma, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC Elevator, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT, Stan Schultz, Jo Wheeler and Leslie Malloy of WEST COAST. Bob Mehalick and David Bray of WAGO, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA and John and Doris Brannon.

The winners were:

Mary Thomsic, Allan Lloyd, Stan Schultz, Leslie Malloy, Andy Duzich, Dave Altman, Bill Adrian, Sam Farooqi, Sharon McKellips and  Jo Wheeler .

This month’s attendance prize, provided by the group went to Mary Thomsic.

Recap of Meeting of January 20, 2009

January 21, 2009

In the absence of our new president, who is travelling , new  Vice President Mary Thomsic called the first meeting of 2009 to order with twenty nine members and guests attending. Mary solicited suggestions from everyone as to what they would like to see at future meetings and any thoughts as to how membership and attendance might be increased.

Acting in her role as interim Treasurer, Mary gave us a brief financial summary and indicated that the Group’s finances are on solid footing at this time. The contribution to the Elevator and Escalator safety Foundation related to last June’s golf tournament has been sent to EESF. The transfer of the necessary documents, etc. to our new treasurer was accomplished and Leslie will be reporting henceforth.

We had a brief but spirited discussion related to provision of annunciator panels for initiating devices for Fire emergency service now being required as part of the “new” code.  Carolyn Chavez indicated that some of their customers in Northern California reported that another provision of the “new” code has apparently caused some problems:

ASME A17.1-2004,, Pressure Gauge Fittings.
A pressure gauge fitting with shutoff valve shall be provided on jack side of the check valve or immediately adjacent to the hydraulic control valve.

I assume the problem relates to the shut off valve, since as far as I know, all control valves have a gauge connection.

Our scheduled presenter was a no show, so we proceeded to our raffle.

A nice group of prizes was provided by John and Doris Brannon, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack Lawson, Stan Schultz, Larry Jones and Scott Dutton of CED, Mary Thomsic of ALPS WIRE ROPE, Jo Wheeler of WEST COAST INDUSTRIES, Patricia Howard of JANUS ELEVATOR PRODUCTS, Carolyn Chavez of EECO and Alex Cargill.

The lucky winners (most of whom seemed to be sitting at the same table) included:

Gerry MCKinnon, Jack Lawson, Barry Friesen, Leonard Patito, Alex Cargill, John Reynolds, Sam Farooqi, Dave Altman, Steve Grainer, Andy Duzich, Leslie Malloy and Tim Hawkins.


Recap of meeting Of December 16, 2008

December 19, 2008

After some appropriate celebratory libations, the meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with seventy members and guests attending.

After a round of self introductions, Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, gave us a quick report which indicated that the group is ending the year on solid financial footing.

This being the annual Christmas Party meeting, we dispensed with any further business and proceeded with a terrific lunch of Steak or Salmon, according to choice, accompanied by further libations of choice.

At conclusion of lunch we launched into our raffle, for an impressive group of sixty two prizes, provided by the group and John and Doris Brannon, Jack and June Lawson, Scott Southard of Scott Elevator Consultants, Jack and Pat Parker, Bernie and Pearl Tillipman, John Boots and Chuck Morphew of Amtech, Ann, Tim and Bill Adrian of Republic Elevator, Shirley and Harvey Ledesma, Stan Schultz, Marilyn and Launis Look of Look Stairchairs, Joe Orrico of HKA, Allan Lloyd of Draka, Steve Grainer and John Faure of Mitsubishi, Larry Jones, Brian Gaa and Scott Dutton of CED, Mark Keelan of Schunk Graphite, Mary Thomsic and Sharon McKellips of Alps Wire Rope, Patricia Howard of Janus, Leslie Malloy of Westcoast Pads, Mike Farris of Lerch Bates Assoc., Steve Rosnack of Canton Elevator, Michael Shaw of Superior Elevator, Sam and Lilly Farooqi of Par Paint, Abe Salephour, Jessica O’Neal, Peter Aguirre and Carolyn Chavez of EECO and Nancy and Woody Wright.

The prizes varied from nice to magnificent and were distributed at random by first selecting a prize and then drawing the number.

The list of winners follows – it is a long list, but since there were many multiple winners, at least it is less than the total number of prizes:

Bill Adrian, Betty Wilson, Sharon McKellips, Scott Dutton, Mark Keelan, Bernie Tillipman, Gerry McKinnon, Patty Howard, Alex Cargill, Steve Rosnack, Brent Russon, Sam Farooqi, Joe Orrico, Kathy Dozani, Mike Farris, Harvey Ledesma, Jessica O’Neal, Allan Lloyd, Mike Shaw, Lupe Castrejon, Nick Escamilla, Peter Aguirre, Carolyn Chavez, Jack Lawson, Jack Parker, Woody Wright.

If we missed anyone on either list (likely with such a large group), apologies.

In conclusion – Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

See you next year.


Recap of Meeting of November 18, 2008

November 20, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with twenty nine attending.

Pete Callas, Chief Inspector of the City of Los Angeles, announced that the City is currently conducting a “campaign” to have permits properly posted in elevator cars, as required by the Los Angeles Municipal Code. He provided samples of a flyer currently being circulated to building owners and managers and elevator companies. Pete said there are 20133 active elevators in the City at this time. A survey is in process to determine the percentage in which permits are posted as required.

Scott Dutton indicated that we have reached a settlement with California Country Club as to the amount to be paid them for our June Golf Tournament. Basically, we got about a 10% discount from the usual fees, due to their scheduling error, which caused our tournament to be about two hours late in completing. Next year’s tournament will again be at California Country Club. The date is Friday, June 19, 2009, with a 1:00 p.m. starting time.

Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, presented a financial statement, which reflected the payment to California Country Club, and reimbursement to Mary, who picked up the tab for our October luncheon. The balance appeared to be sufficient to settle our remaining obligations, including our contribution to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation, and the November and December luncheons, with a bit left over.

We proceeded to the matter of election of officers for 2009. Mike announced that Tim Hawkins had asked that his name be withdrawn as a candidate for Vice President for health reasons. Mary Thomsic again stepped into the breach and agreed to accept this post if the membership so desired.

In the end the following were elected “viva voce” :

Vice President – Mary Thomsic; President – Allan Lloyd; Treasurer – Leslie Malloy; Secretary – John Brannon

Next, we had a presentation from Richard Lindemeyer, North American General Manager of GUSTAV WOLF.

Based in Germany, Gustav Wolf is a leading supplier of specialized wire products, not the least of which is the wire rope used for suspension, governor and compensating on elevators. Another familiar product is the reinforcing wire used in the “beads” of automobile tires, high pressure hoses, etc. Founded in 1887, Wolf has six factories and about 700 employees worldwide.

Richard gave us a quick overview of pending ASME standard A17.6, which will cover the wire ropes (and synthetic ropes) used on elevators and including much reduced sizes, down to 4 mm (about 5/32”). Approval of this standard by ASME is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2009. Approval by local “AHJ’s” is expected to follow in the third quarter of 2010. Thanks for an informative program, Richard!

We concluded with our regular raffle. Prizes were provided by John and Doris Brannon, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jack Lawson. Mary Thomsic of ALPS, Tim Hawkins, Bernie Tillipman, Bo Kerner of CABLECO, Leslie Malloy  of WESTCOAST and Harvey Ledesma.

Winners included:

Rick Perry, Alex Cargill, Bernie Tillipman, Mike Barnham, Dave Altman, Andy Duzich, Leslie Malloy, Harvey Ledesma and Sharon McKellips.

Next month will be our fabulous Christmas party meeting. As always, corporate members are entitled to two additional guests (four total) and individual members to one guest (two total) at no additional charge. Additional guests are also welcome for the extremely nominal charge of twenty dollars each. Further details to follow.


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