Recap of Meeting of December 18th, 2007

December 26, 2007

This meeting was our annual Christmas party, attended by about 60 members, spouses and other guests. Among the guests, we were particularly pleased to see Chuck Tam (former Westinghouse Elevator manager). The room was well decorated, with centerpieces on each table and a gift for each person (a 60th Anniversary EIG Coffee Mug, resplendent in blue and gold, stuffed with candy and handsomely wrapped), all prepared beautifully by our esteemed treasurer, Stella McIntosh. Stella’s daughter, Lisa Martinez, assisted in setting up. Kudos for a great job, ladies!

President Mike Shaw opened the meeting, called for self introductions. After these were complete, “thank you’s” with rounds of applause were extended to Lisa and Stella, as well as to unsung heroes Andy Duzich for handling the raffle tickets and to Doris Brannon for keeping the attendance records in order throughout the year.  Peter Callas also thanked the group for cooperating with the City of LA so that the important work performed by the LA Department of Building and Safety Elevator Division went smoothly in the face of the heaviest workload ever.

Mike Shaw indicated that he had spoken to Al Tafazoli and a decision by the State of California to adopt A17.1- 2004 is anticipated and we plan to hold a “cracker barrel” meeting in the spring of 2008 to explore the impact.

The membership voted to give an extra $150 to our servers for the good job they have done all year as well as $50 to the valet parking crew.

This was followed by our raffle, for what must surely be the best group of prizes ever, both as to quantity (more than 40!) and quality. Prizes were provided by the group and also – John and Doris Brannon, Estella McIntosh, Jack Parker, Pat Parker, Steve and Dominica Grainer, Lupe Castrejon, Stan Schultz, Larry Jones, Sharon McKellips, Mary Thomsic, Harvey and Shirley Ledesma, Tim Hawkins, Bill Adrian, Alex Cargill, Scott Dutton, Scott Southard, Jack and June Lawson, Dick Linn, Janice Serrano, Mike Farris, Gordon Simpkins, Steve Rosnack, Marilyn Look, Allan Lloyd, Mike Shaw and Leslie Malloy.

The list of winners (many with multiple wins) is —

Bob Evans, Linda Hawkins, Andy Duzich, Bernie Tillipman, Lupe Castrejon, Steve Rosnack, Barry Friesion, Orion Pepin, Bill Adrian, Harvey Ledesma, John Schioppi, Leslie Malloy, Tim Hawkins, Darla Abel, Jack Parker, Marilyn Look, Stan Schultz, Mike Shaw, Doris Brannon, Steve Grainer, Greg Walker, Chuck Tam, Tony Mesa, Pete Callas, Bill Raffa, Peggy Linn and Jack McIntosh. This months attendance prize, provided by the group, a complete “Blue Tooth” kit for use with cell phones, went to Alex Cargill.