Recap Of Meeting Of January 15th, 2008

January 16, 2008

Twenty – two attended our first meeting of 2008. President Mike Shaw announced that he had again spoken with Al Tafazoli, Chief Safety Engineer for the State of California . They tentatively set up a “cracker barrel” meeting for May to discuss the impact of the (anticipated) adoption of the ASME A17.1-2004 Code by the state, replacing the present (1996) version.

Treasurer Stella McIntosh provided copies of her report for all who desired them.

Our presentation was from Patricia Seniw , VP Sales and Marketing for Janus Elevator Products, Inc. and Tom Warmingham, Regional Sales manager for Monitor Controls.

Patricia Seniw and Tom Warmingham – (click on photo to enlarge)

Patricia explained that Janus Elevator Products is a member of the Halma Group. Halma is a holding company with some 45 units, including Janus. Halma is traded on the London Stock Exchange. Janus Elevator Products includes Monitor Controls, E-Motive USA, TL Jones Microscan, Electronic Micro Systems and VPP Vandal Proof Products.

Tom explained the construction and features of Monitor fixtures in detail. The fixtures are certainly very rugged and contain numerous notable features. Every car operating station has an aluminum  backing plate on which all the operating components are mounted. This permits removal of the cover plate for refinishing or replacement without disturbing any of the wiring or affecting the operability of the assembly. The backing plate is attached by strap hinges, further facilitating servicing. The push buttons themselves are the same proven design used for many years. All fixtures are supplied pre-wired. Many button designs are available including vandal resistant types. A total of 480 combinations of buttons can be supplied. In addition to the video “slide show”, display cases showed us the actual products:

Monitor Display cases (click on photo to enlarge)

Patricia showed us a video of the latest Janus door edges, which include built in red-green signal lites . “2D” and “3D” designs are available.

Very interesting and informative presentation! Everyone in attendance received a “Janus” tee shirt and luggage tag. Thanks Patricia and Tom!

The meeting concluded with our fabulous raffle for prizes provided by John and Doris Brannon, Jack Lawson, Stan Schultz, Harvey Ledesma, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Gerry McKinnon, Mary Thomsic of ALPS Wire Rope and Mike Shaw of LERCH BATES.

And the winners were —

Stella McIntosh, Tim Hawkins, Jack Lawson, Andrew Ryan, Andy Duzich, Dave Altman, Stan Schultz, Mike Shaw and Steve Grainer.

This months attendance prize, provided by the Group, went to Andy Duzich.