Recap of Meeting of March 18, 2008

March 20, 2008

President Mike Shaw called the March meeting to order with about thirty attending. After self introductions, Mike reminded everyone that next month is the Cracker Barrel meeting relative to the new state code and emphasized the need to make reservations in view of the large turnout expected and also to submit questions in advance.

A summary financial report was presented, indicating that the Group is on solid financial footing at this time.

Golf chairman Scott Dutton reported that all is going according to plan. The brochure is ready and will be mailed soon. It may be seen on page four of our web site and a convenient full size form for sponsorships is there as well. Scott explained that the sponsorships had been expanded and the fees increased slightly, all in quest of achieving our goal of doubling the contribution to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation this year.

Ed Park announced that a retirement party for Jerry Sanders will be held at Winter & Bain (1410 Elwood Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021) on April 17, 2008, from about 1 to 3 PM. All are welcome.

Joe De Simone, Vice President of Sales for Courion, gave us a very nice presentation, entitled “Freight Doors – 101”. It was concise but very complete and effective. Courion’s antecedent companies, well known to us “old timers” were St. Louis Fire Door and Security Fire Door. They also acquired former competitors Guilbert and Harris Preble.  They have files on about 34,000 jobs.

Freight elevators account for only 3 to 5% of the elevator market at this time, but they still constitute an item of major industrial importance and their usefulness would be severely limited without freight doors. Two very important features of freight doors are — opening width is the same as the platform width, and they have the rugged construction necessary to accommodate the handling of large heavy items and provide a “bridge” between the building floor and the elevator platform.

The standard Courion product complies with NEMA standards, 1,4,12 and 13, so only the so called “explosion proof” category is “special order”.

Doors are furnished for all four loading classes (A, B, C1 and C2).

The doors bear an Underwriters “B” label (1-1/2 hours). Both steel plate and wood core doors are available

The accompanying car gates are now all supplied with non contact reversing edges, which can also be retro fitted. Car gates have “VFD” (variable frequency) drive, a distinct advantage over the old two speed type.

The accompanying control system is now all solid state (no more “Christmas Tree” relays). Serial communication reduces the number of wires required from 64 to 9.

Door shoes are now all one piece of molybdenum nylon and are “ambidextrous” such that the same shoe may be used in any location.

Gate limit switches are a simple cam and contact arrangement, replacing the screw drive formerly used.

Courion will furnish and install or just supply the equipment according to the customers requirements. They also supply Cart Lift systems, a subject for another time perhaps.

Joseph De Simone, VP Sales, Courion Industries (click on picture to enlarge)

Great job, Joe — thanks!!

We concluded with our raffle for some nice prizes provided by Jack Parker, John and Doris Brannon, Jack Lawson, Mary Thomsic and Sharon McKellips of ALPS WIRE ROPE, Greg Moore of WESTCOAST, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT, Jeff Runtz of KONE, Scott Dutton of CED, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI and Gordon Simpkins of GMS.

Winners included, Sharon McKellips, Jack Parker, Gordon Simpkins, Robert Sylvest, Marilyn Look, Steve Grainer, Joe Gomez, Mike Shaw, Lupe Castrejon, Sam Farooqi, Gerry McKinnon, Jeff Runtz, Stan Schultz and Harvey Ledesma.

This months attendance prize, a DVD recorder/player, provided by COURION went to Sharon McKellips.