Recap of Meeting of September 16, 2008

September 17, 2008

President Mike Shaw called the meeting to order with twenty-six in attendance.

After the usual round of self introductions, Mike went into the group’s financials. As per prior notice, our esteemed treasurer, Stella McIntosh, has moved out of state, leaving Mike with another “hat to wear” for the time being. Mary Thomsic, who formerly held the post of treasurer, has kindly agreed to assume these duties for the balance of this year, beginning with our next meeting. Mike reminded us that nominations for officers for next year are to be made at the October meeting, with the elections to take place at the November meeting.

Mike explained that we are still negotiating with California Country Club with respect to an adjustment for their fees relative to the June Golf Tournament. They acknowledge errors in scheduling which resulted in interference between our event and others occurring simultaneously. This resulted in our event running about two hours “overtime”.

Vice President Allan Lloyd told us he had spoken to the people at California Country Club and they apologized and promised that we will never again experience these problems. They indicated we might want to consider an early start time (7 AM), concluding with an awards luncheon instead of dinner. This would cost $14 less per person. The problems of such an action are obvious, but it is well to know all our options. Allan also suggested that we might consider an “out of town” meeting in the future, perhaps in San Diego or its environs. More details about this idea will be available in the future. Also to be considered, a dinner meeting in lieu of a lunch meeting. Perhaps more people could attend, if we started at a later time?

Speaking of the Golf Tournament, it was our best attended one ever, with about 115 players. In the group scramble format, the winners were:

First Place – Ralph Ortiz, Jorge Mesa, Marco Rosas and Herman Carrazio (-15)

Runners Up – Lewis Jones, Mike Farris and SteveBerger (-12)

Other Prize Winners:

Closest to Pin: Tom Quinn / Basil Johnson

Longest Drive: (Men) – Tim Adrian / Jeff Pepin

Longest Drive (Ladies) – Gina Lara / Doris Brannon

Most Accurate Drive (Men) – Tom Quinn

Most Accurate Drive (Ladies) – Sharon McKellips

Our scheduled speaker was unable to make it. A DVD presentation provided by them was inaudible, although the visual portion worked nicely with our projector. Alan Lloyd intends to obtain auxiliary speakers for future use.

Gerry McKinnon made an eloquent and passionate appeal on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Gerry lost his son, David, to this terrible disease. He asked that the group donate $250 for his participation in a “walk” for this charity. The group voted “yes”.

Next was our regular raffle for a great group of prizes provided by: John and Doris Brannon, Stan Schultz, Mike Shaw, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Tim Hawkins, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jack Lawson, Leslie Malloy of WESCOAST PADS, Patricia Howard of JANUS and Mary Thomsic of ALPS WIRE ROPE.


The lucky winners were:

Steve Grainer, Tim Hawkins, Cindy Orrico, Joe Orrico, Pete Callas, Mary Thomsic, Jack Lawson, Mike Corbo, Stan Schultz, Barry Friesen, Allan Lloyd, Doris Brannon, Harvey Ladesma, Jack Parker, Patricia Howard, Gerry McKinnon and Mike Shaw.