Recap of Meeting of November 18, 2008

November 20, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with twenty nine attending.

Pete Callas, Chief Inspector of the City of Los Angeles, announced that the City is currently conducting a “campaign” to have permits properly posted in elevator cars, as required by the Los Angeles Municipal Code. He provided samples of a flyer currently being circulated to building owners and managers and elevator companies. Pete said there are 20133 active elevators in the City at this time. A survey is in process to determine the percentage in which permits are posted as required.

Scott Dutton indicated that we have reached a settlement with California Country Club as to the amount to be paid them for our June Golf Tournament. Basically, we got about a 10% discount from the usual fees, due to their scheduling error, which caused our tournament to be about two hours late in completing. Next year’s tournament will again be at California Country Club. The date is Friday, June 19, 2009, with a 1:00 p.m. starting time.

Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, presented a financial statement, which reflected the payment to California Country Club, and reimbursement to Mary, who picked up the tab for our October luncheon. The balance appeared to be sufficient to settle our remaining obligations, including our contribution to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation, and the November and December luncheons, with a bit left over.

We proceeded to the matter of election of officers for 2009. Mike announced that Tim Hawkins had asked that his name be withdrawn as a candidate for Vice President for health reasons. Mary Thomsic again stepped into the breach and agreed to accept this post if the membership so desired.

In the end the following were elected “viva voce” :

Vice President – Mary Thomsic; President – Allan Lloyd; Treasurer – Leslie Malloy; Secretary – John Brannon

Next, we had a presentation from Richard Lindemeyer, North American General Manager of GUSTAV WOLF.

Based in Germany, Gustav Wolf is a leading supplier of specialized wire products, not the least of which is the wire rope used for suspension, governor and compensating on elevators. Another familiar product is the reinforcing wire used in the “beads” of automobile tires, high pressure hoses, etc. Founded in 1887, Wolf has six factories and about 700 employees worldwide.

Richard gave us a quick overview of pending ASME standard A17.6, which will cover the wire ropes (and synthetic ropes) used on elevators and including much reduced sizes, down to 4 mm (about 5/32”). Approval of this standard by ASME is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2009. Approval by local “AHJ’s” is expected to follow in the third quarter of 2010. Thanks for an informative program, Richard!

We concluded with our regular raffle. Prizes were provided by John and Doris Brannon, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jack Lawson. Mary Thomsic of ALPS, Tim Hawkins, Bernie Tillipman, Bo Kerner of CABLECO, Leslie Malloy  of WESTCOAST and Harvey Ledesma.

Winners included:

Rick Perry, Alex Cargill, Bernie Tillipman, Mike Barnham, Dave Altman, Andy Duzich, Leslie Malloy, Harvey Ledesma and Sharon McKellips.

Next month will be our fabulous Christmas party meeting. As always, corporate members are entitled to two additional guests (four total) and individual members to one guest (two total) at no additional charge. Additional guests are also welcome for the extremely nominal charge of twenty dollars each. Further details to follow.