Recap of meeting Of December 16, 2008

December 19, 2008

After some appropriate celebratory libations, the meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with seventy members and guests attending.

After a round of self introductions, Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, gave us a quick report which indicated that the group is ending the year on solid financial footing.

This being the annual Christmas Party meeting, we dispensed with any further business and proceeded with a terrific lunch of Steak or Salmon, according to choice, accompanied by further libations of choice.

At conclusion of lunch we launched into our raffle, for an impressive group of sixty two prizes, provided by the group and John and Doris Brannon, Jack and June Lawson, Scott Southard of Scott Elevator Consultants, Jack and Pat Parker, Bernie and Pearl Tillipman, John Boots and Chuck Morphew of Amtech, Ann, Tim and Bill Adrian of Republic Elevator, Shirley and Harvey Ledesma, Stan Schultz, Marilyn and Launis Look of Look Stairchairs, Joe Orrico of HKA, Allan Lloyd of Draka, Steve Grainer and John Faure of Mitsubishi, Larry Jones, Brian Gaa and Scott Dutton of CED, Mark Keelan of Schunk Graphite, Mary Thomsic and Sharon McKellips of Alps Wire Rope, Patricia Howard of Janus, Leslie Malloy of Westcoast Pads, Mike Farris of Lerch Bates Assoc., Steve Rosnack of Canton Elevator, Michael Shaw of Superior Elevator, Sam and Lilly Farooqi of Par Paint, Abe Salephour, Jessica O’Neal, Peter Aguirre and Carolyn Chavez of EECO and Nancy and Woody Wright.

The prizes varied from nice to magnificent and were distributed at random by first selecting a prize and then drawing the number.

The list of winners follows – it is a long list, but since there were many multiple winners, at least it is less than the total number of prizes:

Bill Adrian, Betty Wilson, Sharon McKellips, Scott Dutton, Mark Keelan, Bernie Tillipman, Gerry McKinnon, Patty Howard, Alex Cargill, Steve Rosnack, Brent Russon, Sam Farooqi, Joe Orrico, Kathy Dozani, Mike Farris, Harvey Ledesma, Jessica O’Neal, Allan Lloyd, Mike Shaw, Lupe Castrejon, Nick Escamilla, Peter Aguirre, Carolyn Chavez, Jack Lawson, Jack Parker, Woody Wright.

If we missed anyone on either list (likely with such a large group), apologies.

In conclusion – Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

See you next year.