Recap of Meeting of January 20, 2009

January 21, 2009

In the absence of our new president, who is travelling , new  Vice President Mary Thomsic called the first meeting of 2009 to order with twenty nine members and guests attending. Mary solicited suggestions from everyone as to what they would like to see at future meetings and any thoughts as to how membership and attendance might be increased.

Acting in her role as interim Treasurer, Mary gave us a brief financial summary and indicated that the Group’s finances are on solid footing at this time. The contribution to the Elevator and Escalator safety Foundation related to last June’s golf tournament has been sent to EESF. The transfer of the necessary documents, etc. to our new treasurer was accomplished and Leslie will be reporting henceforth.

We had a brief but spirited discussion related to provision of annunciator panels for initiating devices for Fire emergency service now being required as part of the “new” code.  Carolyn Chavez indicated that some of their customers in Northern California reported that another provision of the “new” code has apparently caused some problems:

ASME A17.1-2004,, Pressure Gauge Fittings.
A pressure gauge fitting with shutoff valve shall be provided on jack side of the check valve or immediately adjacent to the hydraulic control valve.

I assume the problem relates to the shut off valve, since as far as I know, all control valves have a gauge connection.

Our scheduled presenter was a no show, so we proceeded to our raffle.

A nice group of prizes was provided by John and Doris Brannon, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack Lawson, Stan Schultz, Larry Jones and Scott Dutton of CED, Mary Thomsic of ALPS WIRE ROPE, Jo Wheeler of WEST COAST INDUSTRIES, Patricia Howard of JANUS ELEVATOR PRODUCTS, Carolyn Chavez of EECO and Alex Cargill.

The lucky winners (most of whom seemed to be sitting at the same table) included:

Gerry MCKinnon, Jack Lawson, Barry Friesen, Leonard Patito, Alex Cargill, John Reynolds, Sam Farooqi, Dave Altman, Steve Grainer, Andy Duzich, Leslie Malloy and Tim Hawkins.