Recap of February 17 meeting

February 19, 2009


Following a holiday and torrential rainstorms, twenty hardy souls showed up for our February meeting.

President Allan Lloyd greeted the group and initiated the usual round of self introductions. Allan announced that beginning with next month’s meeting, we will do away with the traditional “head table” and seating will be open. The officers will distribute themselves among the other attendees.

There was no treasurer’s report as such, but Allan and treasurer Leslie Malloy assured us that the group is solvent.

After lunch we were treated to a nice product presentation from Bob Mehalick, Industry manager, Elevators and Railways for WAGO Corp. David Bray, Regional Sales Manager, was also on hand.

Bob gave us a brief history of WAGO, founded in Germany in 1951. WAGO USA was established in 1979 and appropriately is headquartered in Germantown, Wisconsin. The original idea was to produce wire terminations that would be free of the problems commonly associated with those in use at the time, which depended on screws and bolts, which are inherently labor intensive. The basic idea is to use spring tension to secure the wire end and over the years, WAGO has developed this idea to a high art. Bob said that statistics show that 75% of machine failures are caused by loose wires. Their records show not a single failure with their design since they began keeping records in 1977.

The design is such that one opens the spring clamp with a special screwdriver or a lever designed for the purpose. Then, the wire is inserted and when the clamp is released, the wire is securely fastened by spring pressure.

Thanks Bob and David for your efforts!

We proceeded to our raffle, for prizes provided by:

Carolyn Chavez of EECO, Harvey Ledesma, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC Elevator, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT, Stan Schultz, Jo Wheeler and Leslie Malloy of WEST COAST. Bob Mehalick and David Bray of WAGO, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA and John and Doris Brannon.

The winners were:

Mary Thomsic, Allan Lloyd, Stan Schultz, Leslie Malloy, Andy Duzich, Dave Altman, Bill Adrian, Sam Farooqi, Sharon McKellips and  Jo Wheeler .

This month’s attendance prize, provided by the group went to Mary Thomsic.