March 19, 2009

           Recap of Meeting of March 17, 2009

Forty one handsome lads and lovely colleens gathered on St. Patrick’s Day for our March meeting.  After everyone collected their lucky shamrock coin, we enjoyed a preliminary hospitality hour featuring green beer. President Allan O’Lloyd opened the meeting and called for self introductions. Alan said that next month’s program will be presented by Jeff Yaeger of MOTION CONTROL ENGINEERING. This presentation will cover the new line of “market” MRL elevators being produced in concert with sister company IMPERIAL ELECTRIC.

Allan read us the treasurer’s report, indicating that the group is still solvent. We then had a lovely lunch of either corned beef and cabbage or Dover sole, according to choice.

Next was a presentation by Dirk Schoffler of STINGL SYSTEMS. Dirk explained that STINGL SYSTEMS is a family owned company based in Germany. Their “MOBIL PANO” work platform was described in detail. It is a work platform that mounts against an entrance and is cantilevered into the hoistway. It does not touch the rear hoistway wall and can be used on any type of elevator at any landing. It is particularly well adapted for use with “MRL” elevators. Thanks Dirk, for a most informative presentation!

Mark Menke of ELEVATOR PRODUCTS CORPORATION (EPCO) gave us a Power Point about their fixture line, both the INCHLINE, which is their standard line, and their custom fixtures. EPCO states that they are currently the largest producer of custom elevator fixtures in the U.S., with sales of about $20 million, 93% of which are shipped on schedule. Mark also covered their emergency light package, which powers the regular cab lights (as opposed to a separate light fixture). Of course, they still make door gibs. Good job, Mark!

We concluded with our fabulous raffle, for prizes provided by Mary Thomsic of ALPS, Gerry McKinnon, Marilyn and Launis Look of LOOK STAIRCHAIRS, Stan Schultz, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack and Pat Parker, John and Doris Brannon, Leslie Malloy of WESTCOAST PADS, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC ELEVATOR, Mike Shaw, Mike Farris of LERCH BATES, Carolyn Chavez of EECO, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT and Brian Gaa of CED.

And the winners were:

Joe Orrico, Marilyn Look, Mike Farris, Darla Abel, Andy Duzich, Janice Serrano, Jack Lawson. Allan Lloyd, Brian Gaa, Bill Adrian, Tom Brannon, Scott Southard, Iwan Nigg, Harvey Ledesma and Steve Grainer.