Recap of Meeting of April 21

April 22, 2009

After a pleasant period of conversation and libations, President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order with thirty-two members and guests attending. Scott Dutton of CED announced that they will host a “one day” training seminar on May 7th and 8th covering installation, adjusting, troubleshooting, etc. for SMARTRISE control systems which are distributed by CED. One may attend either day and there is no charge, free Continental breakfast and lunch. The seminars will be held at the Holiday Inn, 2640 N. Lakewood Blvd. in Long Beach. Limited space is available each day, so contact Scott Dutton at (800) 266-0908 to reserve your seat.

 After self introductions, we enjoyed a very nice lunch, choosing from entrees of baked half chicken or Dover sole. As we began the dessert course, our program for this month commenced. Jeff Yeager, Regional Sales Manager for Motion Control Engineering (MCE) began by giving us a bit of background on MCE. The subject for this meeting was (so called) Machine Room Less (MRL) elevators. He explained that MRL’s are not a new thing to MCE, as they have furnished equipment for numerous installations. What is new is the availability of a complete MRL package, produced in concert with sister company Imperial Electric, long time producer of elevator machines. So, we have MCE controls, Imperial machines and other required components from a variety of sources making up a complete “package”. Jeff stated that the intent is to perpetuate and extend the basic MCE philosophy of systems available to and serviceable by all.

 Jeff then yielded to Emery Thran, Elevator Programs Manager for MCE, for some more technical details. Emery explained that their version of the MRL is highly conventional. The machine, located at the top of the hoistway, is supported by machine beams which in turn are supported by the building structure. All versions use conventional wire rope suspension and sheaves are cast steel. The machine proper is a permanent magnet gearless type, 2:1 underslung.  A remote set/reset governor is incorporated. A visual indicator which tells the position of the car in the hoistway is provided. This enables “drifting” of the car to a safe and convenient location for cycling the doors to remove passengers if technical problems prohibit normal operation.

The controller is installed in a “closet”, which preferably is located adjacent to the hoistway at the top floor, although there is considerable flexibility in that area.

A spirited discussion of “proprietary” equipment ensued as part of the question and answer period. Of course, that long standing dispute was not settled in our forum, but the discussion was interesting and informative.

Thanks to Jeff and Emery, and all who participated for a stimulating program.

We concluded with our raffle for a great group of prizes provided by:

Stan Schultz, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jeff Yeager and Emery Thran of MCE, Mary Thomsic, Bernie Tillipman, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC ELEVATOR, Jo Wheeler of WEST COAST PADS, Jack Lawson, Mark Keelan of SCHUNK GRAPHITE, Roy Miller of SEEs/DRAKA, Gerry Mckinnon, Tim Hawkins and Scott Dutton of CED.

And the winners were:

Dave Altman, Marilyn Look, Stan Schultz, Joe Gonzalez, Mark Keelan, Sam Farooqi, John Brannon, Nick Escamilla, Mike Corbo, Mary Thomsic, Bill Adrian and Bernie Tillipman. The “grand prize” (a $75 gift certificate), provided by the group, was won by Bill Adrian.

Next month should be an outstanding program, covering a subject we all know well (perhaps all too well): “How to avoid getting sued and how to defend yourself if it happens anyway”. The date is May 19. Mark it down now.