Recap – meeting of September 15, 2009


We were happy to welcome Jack Stroup, new Western Sales Manager for Alps Wire Rope.

Due to the absence of our President and the late arrival of our Vice President, the meeting opened with a report from Golf Chairman Scott Dutton. Scott explained that due to the slim turnout (low sixties), we dispensed with prizes, trophies, etc. and simply played golf and had dinner.

After totaling all the receipts and disbursements, we found that the former exceeded the latter by about $4000. Accordingly, we are issuing a check to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation for $3000. The “other” $1000 will be retained as “seed money” for next year’s tournament. Though we failed to meet our goal, which was a $5000 donation to EESF, disaster was avoided. Good job, Scott!

A presentation was made by Victor Palma, Sales Manager for VideoComm Technologies. VideoComm is a supplier of wireless video systems, based in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Focus of the presentation was their model EV-L2R5803 wireless elevator video system. This comes in a “kit” form, containing transmitter, receiver, power supplies, antennae, twenty-five feet of video cable, mounting brackets, remote control, corner mount video camera and necessary instructions. System is covered by a one year warranty and costs under $3000; no maintenance or inspection is required. Basically, the camera mounted in the car transmits signals wirelessly to a receiver which can be mounted top or bottom of the hoistway, eliminating the need for travelling cable. From there, the signal is hard wired to the desired location, typically a security office. The signal is fully encrypted, preventing “hacking”.

Interesting product, Victor. Nice presentation!

We concluded with our raffle for a nice group of prizes, provided by: Stan Schultz, Gerald McKinnon, Patricia Howard of Janus Elevator, Andrew Ryan of Innovation Industries, Scott Dutton of CED, Sam Farooqi of Par Paint, Mary Thomsic of Alps Wire Rope and Leslie Malloy of Westcoast Co.

And the winners were:

Gerry McKinnon, Dave Altman, Mary Thomsic, Bill Adrian, Andrew Ryan, Jack Parker, Jack Stroup and Leslie Malloy.

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