Recap of October 20 Meeting

October 22, 2009

President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order. First order of business was nomination of officers for next year. Allan indicated that the present slate of officers had agreed to serve again, if the members so desired, except for the office of vice president.

There were no nominations from the floor, so final nominations and elections will take place at the November 17 meeting. All the positions should be considered available. If you feel you’d like to do a particular job, or know someone who would, feel free to make arrangements to place that person’s name in nomination in November.

 Steve Grainer gave us detailed report about the recent meeting in San Francisco to cover the changes made in the elevator unit of DOSH. He indicated that he was impressed with the new chief, Debby Tudor. He feels she is a “progressive” person, who will work well with the industry.

 Prospects are that the state will adopt the Performance Based Code (ASME A17.7). It is up to the Standards Board, which is expected to act soon.

 Allan Lloyd gave us a report on INTERLIFT, the trade show held recently in Augsburg, Germany, supported by numerous color “slides”. We saw that many American companies, as well as International ones, were exhibiting.

 We concluded with our raffle, prizes provided by Brian GAA of CED, Bill Adrian of Republic Elevator, Marilyn Look of Look Stairchairs, John and Doris Brannon, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Mary Thomsic of ALPS Wire Rope, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Leslie Malloy of WESTCOAST Pads, Ray Miller of SEES and Mark Keelan of SCHUNK GRAPHITE.

 And the winners (including several multiples) were:

 Brian Gaa, Mark Keelan, Bill Adrian, Mary Thomsic, Andy Duzich, Steve Grainer, Leonard Patito, Marilyn Look, Allan Lloyd, Leslie Malloy and Gerry McKinnon.


This month’s attendance prize went to Steve Grainer.