Recap of Meeting of November 17, 2009

President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order. First order of business was election of officers for next year. There being no nominations from the floor, it seems that the offer of the present officers to “re-u p”, except for Vice President, was accepted. Mike Shaw volunteered to serve in that post and there was no objection, therefore Mike was elected by acclimation.

Allan indicated that he had lined up some speakers for next year, including CE Electronics and Imperial Electric. New elevator unit Chief Debby Tudor has promised to make a presentation sometime in the next six months.

Allan inquired about an opportunity to have members e-mail added to the list who receive notice about changes from the state. There seemed to be no objection from anyone, so we will pursue it further.

While we were eating lunch, a slide show was presented depicting a “Safety Rider” presentation recently done by Allan and Leslie Malloy. The kids seemed to enjoy it and they did as well.

We concluded with our regular raffle for a great group of prizes provided by Doris & John Brannon, Stan Schultz, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack Parker, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Larry Jones of CED, Leslie Malloy of WESTCOAST PADS, Michael Shaw of ACCURATE CONVEYANCE TECHNOLOGIES, Andrew Ryan of INNOVATION, Carloyn Chavez of EECO and Marilyn Look of LOOK STAIRCHAIRS.

The winners were: Harvey Ledesma, Marilyn Look, Mike Shaw, Gerry McKinnon, Doris Brannon, Bernie Tillipman, Peter Callas, Barry Friesen, Woody Wright, Leslie Malloy and Randy Thurston.

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