Next Meeting October 19th, 2010

October 8, 2010

The second lunch of our fall meeting is fast upon us, and here is what is going to happen.

The usual start time of 11:30am with meeting of friends and colleagues, at Taix’s French Restaurant, 1911 Sunset Boulevard, in Echo Park.

The meeting will be called to order at 12:00 Noon, introductions will be made, and we will get down to business.

The financial statement will be read, and the floor will be open to new business.

I will appoint a nominating chair, and we will open the floor to nominations for all Group officers -President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

We certainly need some people to step up, and support the group, as it stands right now we only have two remaining officers , and per the Bylaws the treasurer is not supposed to serve two consecutive terms.

I will ask the servers to bring out the delicious food while the nominations are going on. The election will be held at the November lunch.

Around 12:40 I will introduce our presenter this month we have Jim Collett.  Jim has recently completed writing his non-fiction book Elevator Man Stories. From speaking with Jim he knows many of you, and is excited about speaking to us.  So talk with your buddies and let’s have a good turnout. Checkout the attached press release!


Really try to get a hold of some people, and get them there.  Everybody, call someone who has not made it in a while.

At or before 1:15pm we will start to wrap things up, with the raffle and door prizes, the BIG Door Prize from the Group will be $100 cash this month, Jim has also provided a large stack of his book what too will be part of the prizes.

So show up, participate, and support the Group!

Kind Regards

Allan Lloyd


EIGSC – September 2010 Lunch Recap

October 5, 2010

The Elevator Industry Group of Southern California began the fall meetings at Taix’s on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010. President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order at 12pm sharp and welcomed everyone back. 34 current members and their guests were in attendance for the first meeting after our summer break.

Allan Lloyd updated the group on the current state of our finances, we currently have $18,770 in the bank. It was brought to the group’s attention that there had been some financial irregularities from the previous year’s golf tournament but the group agreed to wait until the end of the meeting to discuss this.

The EIGSC is looking for new and interesting presenters for upcoming lunches. Please help get the word out that we are looking, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Several members said they were planning on being at the annual NAEC convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and Allan asked that they keep their eyes open for future guest speakers.

The EIGSC will be holding elections at the November lunch, please be thinking about possibly running for office. We will be asking for nominations in October, everyone’s continued active support is appreciated. The date for the golf tournament was also set, this will be held on June 17th, 2011.

Special thanks to everyone who brought giveaways for the raffle and to everyone who purchased tickets. This month we had several gifts to raffle off, please keep it up as this adds some excitement to the monthly meeting.

Qccess Technology was our presenter this month. Special thanks to David Bang and Kim Myoung for taking the time to present to us and for providing several gift cards to our raffle. Qccess has created a very innovative solution used to transmit data from closed circuit television to a monitor. Traditionally, a new travelling cable would have to be hung to provide the coax cables necessary to wire a security camera which makes CCTV quite expensive. They have designed a very cost effective way to instead transmit this data up or down the hoistway using lasers. Currently they only have the device for going one direction, meaning you would have to use two if you want to have both a display and a camera in the cab. The unit with two signals is expected very soon. They also see the possibility of using the device for precise positioning of the elevator, which would allow it to be used as a selector.

Thanks to: Doris Brannon (flash lights), David Bang (gift cards), Marilyn Look (wine), Jack Parker (wine), Bill Adrian (wine), Stan Schultz, Ray Miller (wine), Eric Lazear (wine), Brian Gaa (gift card), Mary Thomice (liquor), Jeff Runtz (gift card)Mr.Bang and Mr. Kim also gave $100 dollars worth of Visa Gift Cards.

Congrats to this month’s grand prize winner of $150 cash: Eric Lazear – Draka Elevator Products