Agenda for November 16th 2010 EIGSC Meeting

The final lunch before our December Christmas Party is coming up November 16th with a full plate of fun and business.

The usual start time of 11:30am with a meeting of friends and colleagues, at Taix’s French Restaurant, 1911 Sunset Boulevard, in Echo Park.

The meeting will be called to order at 12:00 Noon, introductions will be made, and we will get down to business.

We have held open the nominations for anyone that wants to make them, and will have any additional candidates put forth.

If there are not any Leslie Malloy has agreed to serve as the Vice President, Ray Miller Secretary, Andrew Ryan Treasurer, and my circumstances now allow me to serve as President, unless there are any nominations.

We will open the floor to any new business, and then have the lunches brought out, I hope to have a report on the meeting Debra Tudor, held on the 10th of November. If anyone from the group was able to attend could give us an update please let me know.

We are fortunate to have Doug Witham, and Frank Marchese, speaking this month on the subject of “What’s New at GAL and Hollister Whitney”. Thanks for coming guys, and Group especially contractors, let us all show our appreciation, and let Doug buy a round.

At or before 1:15pm we will start to wrap things up, with the raffle and door prizes, the BIG Door Prize from the Group will be $100 cash this month. Several, Industry famous GAL/H&W Gym bags will be part of the raffle as well.

So show up, participate, and support the Group!

Kind Regards

Allan Lloyd


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