November Meeting Recap

December 2, 2010


EIGSC – November 2010 Lunch Recap


Thirty Three was the numbers of attendees for the November 16th Elevator Industry Group of Southern California. The meeting was called to order just after 12:00 noon and the floor was open to any additional nominations, there weren’t any so the following officers were installed for the 2011 term.

Secretary, Ray Miller. Treasure, Andrew Ryan. Vice President, Leslie Malloy. And President, Allan Lloyd.

The financial statement was reviewed and our President mistakenly reported we have $24K in the bank the figure is closer to $19K at the December Christmas Party December 21st we will determine the donation for the EESF Elevator Escalator Safety Foundations.

It was brought up about moving the December event, not much interest so the Party will be December 21st, at Taix Restaurant 1911 sunset Boulevard Echo Park. Corporate members are allowed two additional guests for a total of four, where individuals are allowed one guest each. Please respond to this email with the Member name, and number of guest for the December 21st Meeting/Christmas party.

The Debra Tudor meeting in Oakland was attended by a number of our members, however there was very little to report. There may be an additional meeting held in December.

Bernie Tillman, brought up the fact that no-majors or any OEM’s were present at the lunch, and said he would help in any way to see about getting more participation from these members.  Any ideas on what to do about increasing these numbers will be put forward.

The lunches of Filet of Sole and Pot Roast were served and about 12:40 our Guest Speakers from GAL/Hollister Whitney Doug Witham gave us a run down on what is new at the two companies.  

Doug touched on a bit of the history of his two fine companies, and a few of the things they have recently added to their product offering, for example the mechanical rope gripper.

Frank Marchese, continued with a Power Point Presentation detailing more specifics on the various controller offerings.

We wrapped things up with the Raffle where Andy won the Grand Prize of the $100 this is the only time he has been there and did not sell the raffle tickets and he wins big….

Hope All had a great Thanksgiving and look forward to see all on the 21st email back with you number of attendees for the Party