EIGSC – January 2011 Lunch Recap

February 3, 2011



Our first meeting of 2011 was called to order by our President Allan Lloyd at 11:35 on Tuesday January 18th. We began with introductions of members and their guests, in total we had 28 people in attendance. As of this meeting, the EIGSC has $12,984.72 in the bank and this number will be going up since invoices for 2011 will be going out in February. Please keep an eye open for these invoices as the group certainly appreciates everyone paying at their earliest convenience.

We are still making a push to get new members to keep this group thriving and relevant. We ask that everyone invite an associate from within the industry to a future lunch so they can see for themselves what the EIGSC can offer as far as networking, staying informed on elevator industry trends and connecting with potential customers, suppliers and friends. We would like to extend a warm welcome to the group’s newest member, Jason Thibodeau from Sunstate Equipment Co. in Carson, CA.

One of our members, Gerry McKinna has been ill and has undergone chemotherapy; please keep Gerry in your thoughts and prayers. We hope to have him back in February if everything goes as planned.

In last month’s Shaft there were a couple of mistakes which we’d like to correct. First off, the annual golf tournament will be on Friday June 17th (not the 18th as previously stated). Also, I listed Andrew Ryan as the Vice President when he is in fact the newest Treasurer.

President Allan Lloyd has met with the President of the Northern California Industry Group, Erik Bleyle and they have agreed to move their meeting to the 3rd Thursday of each month (2 days after ours). This will make it more convenient for potential presenters to speak to both groups during the same trip to the west coast.

There has also been talk of moving the lunches to a new venue. We have been meeting a Taix for many, many years and some members believe that a change in scenery is just what the group needs to rejuvenate itself. Please take some time to think about this proposal and come to February’s meeting ready to debate a possible move.

Our speaker this month was Robert Krieger who has invented a device to accurately measure the speed at which elevator doors close. This very hi-tech presentation gave us some insight into the codes associated with elevator doors and the maximum force at which these doors are allowed to close to avoid injuring passengers. Our speaker in February will be Pete Callis from the City of Los Angeles.

Thank you to everyone who brought a gift for the raffle, it much appreciated.

Jack Parker (Wine), Stan Schultz (Wine Opener), Andrew Ryan (Liquor), Eric Lazear (Wine), Ray Miller (Polo Shirt/Clock) Steve Grainer (Wine x2), Scott Dutton (Gift Card)

See everyone next month!