EIGSC – March 2011 Lunch Recap



March’s EIGSC lunch fell 2 days before St. Patrick’s Day but that did not prevent us from celebrating early. Taix’s prepared a delicious corned beef and cabbage and Allan picked up some food coloring so we could wash it down with some green beer. Attendance was pretty light at only 26 members and guests but it was a good time nonetheless.

Not much new business to discuss this month. The group currently has $15,947 in the bank and is financially sound. We have regained access to our website ( https://elevatorindustry.com/ ) and will be updating it as needed. We are currently working on getting the membership list on the site up to date, we ask all members to review their information and confirm everything looks good.  If anyone has any suggestions to improve the site please speak with President Allan Lloyd or Secretary Ray Miller at the next meeting.

The EIGSC annual golf tournament is coming up and forms will be sent out in the coming weeks for early registration. As always, the tournament will be held at the beautiful California Country Club in Whittier, CA.  We are asking all members to spread the word to other Elevator Industry professionals who might be interested in playing. Beer/cocktails, taco stands, mediocre golfing skills and perfect Southern California weather all make for a very fun and exciting day. We will once again wrap things up with a large raffle and ask any company/individual who is participating to bring a donation if possible. Various sponsorships are still available, please speak with event organizer Scott Dutton if interested.

This month we had the EIGSC’s very own Patricia Howard and Diana Dicker talking to us about Janus Elevator’s line of products including safety edges and elevator phone systems. Janus just released their newest safety edge which has been dubbed the “Panachrome”. This 3D edge extends its “vision” into the lobby to “see” people coming before they arrive. The Panachrome also alerts anyone approaching the elevator that the doors are closing by flashing red which could no doubt prevent injuries in the future. The state of the art edge can even be set to talk to riders and has several other neat features. They also spoke about their EMS5 call director which allows multiple phones to communicate within a building without the need for a dedicated phone line which will ultimately save expenses. For more information on Janus’ full line of products, please speak to Patricia or Diana at the next meeting or call Janus Customer Service at 1.800.527.9156.

Special thanks to everyone who brought a gift for our monthly raffle: Dorris Brannon (wine), Patricia Howard (liquor), Tim Hawkins (wine), Andrew Ryan (wine), Ray Miller (wine) and the EIGSC donated $75 as our grand prize which was won by none other than our President, Allan Lloyd. I still think it was fixed!

Please join us at the next meeting on Tuesday, April 19th 2011 at 11:30. We would like to ask EVERY member to bring 1 guest who they believe may benefit from membership in our group. See everyone soon!

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