2011 EIGSC Golf Outing a Success!

June 21, 2011

Hello Group,

I think most of us would agree that this year’s golf outing was another huge success. Special thanks to Scott Dutton for organizing everything and thanks to everyone else that lent a hand. We appreciate all the sponsors, without your support this tournament would not be possible. EIGSC Secretary Ray Miller will be writing a brief version of “The Shaft” this month covering the tournament, if anyone has anything they would like mentioned please forward to him (Ray.Miller@Draka.com).

This month the Elevator History Museum (elevatorhistory.org) will be opening in Long Island City, New York. Founder and Curator of the museum, Patrick Carrajat, is asking for our assistance in helping preserve the history of our trade by donating any old artifacts that could be displayed at the museum. He says he already has a good collection of antique elevator components from the east coast but his west coast catalogs lacks some. If anyone has anything they would like to display at this museum please contact Patrick directly at 917.748.2328.