October Meeting Recap 2011 – The Shaft

The Shaft October 2011

The October lunch began with 30 members and guest in attendance, the meeting was called to order at 12:00 noon introductions were made and we got down to business, the golf event was the first order, and Gordon Wege, stepped forward to fill Scott’s shoes, Thank you Gordon and CED.

A brief rundown of the finical statement was read, we are solid..

We started with nominations, Ed Park raised his hand for more bread, thus nominating George Markert for President.

I was taking notes but the remaining nominees per my memory were, for VP Darla Abel, with the City of Los Angeles, and our Current VP Andrew Ryan. , For Treasure we had Janice Clavet, toss her hat in the ring, and Christine Lam, was put forward as Sectary.

Please if anyone has additions or subtractions, to this let me know and we will include that in the balloting. Thanks to all those who have stepped forward.

Does anyone want to take care of the Christmas Party Committee? Yea we still call it Christmas.

So we will have elections next month! Tuesday November 15th, In addition an action packed video presentation from Hyundai Elevator, first ever public showing in North America, a Hollywood premier kind of, we also have Teresa Witham from the NAEC.

As we wrapped up business were then served a fine lunch as always and then treated to a presentation from the President Elect.

George Markert of Elevator Equipment Company (EECO) made a first time presentation to the Group on “Education and Innovation” and how this relates to our own businesses. He also touched on the value of active participation within our own group and in a larger scale NECA. George explained what Innovative products EECO is and has presented to the Industry in the last two years and their effort to help educate companies with product Seminars at on site location as well as their own location. I am sure we are all interested to see the new products that EECO has introduced as well as the established catalog of products they have been providing for over 65 years.

We wrapped up the meeting with our usual raffle, with gifts coming from Doris” I never win” Brannon a bottle of vino, From Stan Schultz a jug of wine, Allan Lloyd brought his friend Jack Daniels, and Ed Park of ERM brought Crown Royal, Tim Hawkins Retired, bought Wine, Janice Clavet with Lerch Bates a lovely Chardonnay, Marilyn of Look Stairchairs, also some Wine, along with Carlyon Chavez of EECO, Gordon Wege from CED $25.00 visa card! Drew Furman KONE Spares A fine CAB. Christine Lam Epco $20 Starbucks! And Andrew Ryan Innovation some wine.

The $75 Cash, in the form of Cash this time was won by none other than Greg Moore, of West Coast Pads who did not tell Leslie.

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