The Shaft – November 2011

The Shaft November 2011

31 Members and guests were on hand for the November lunch, we began with the usual introductions, and then right down to business, I had spoken with George Markert the President for 2012 and he was not able to be with us but is looking forward to the challenge. The other officers were named, Darla Abel is Vice President. Janice Claret Treasure and Christine Lam is our Secretary. Lucky George with all the lovely ladies.


After all the offices were noted the group. The group Enjoyed a fine lunch either roasted chicken or almond encrusted trout.

The presentations began with a couple of videos from Hyundai Elevator. The first showing the product offering from Hyundai including, Elevators Escalators and Moving walks. Parking Systems, in addition to very sophisticated Material Handling systems, and Platform Screen doors.

A second video showing highlighting the Hyundai Test tower with the World’s fastest elevator at 1080 meters a minute. I googled it, that is 3,543.30709 feet per minute.

All agreed the presentation was impressive.


Teresa Witham, Executive Director of the National Association of Elevator Contractors, spoke on the benefits of an NAEC membership and how it affects those in the industry. Some of these benefits include NAEC’s Education and Certification programs; special member pricing for NAEC hosted events, Annual Membership Directory and Elevator World’s monthly magazine; access to the members only area of the website, which allows admission to technical documents, online member directory, industry calendar and more. NAEC also shared a complimentary Educational Conference and Convention/Exposition package with two lucky winners!


Thank you very much Teresa for presenting, and the generosity from the NAEC with the two fabulous prizes packages.


In December we have our Christmas Party on December 21st. This is always well attended and is a great time to see old friends during the holiday season. Please respond to the evite with your menu choice of either Turkey of Ham.


In January we have a presentation form our members from Murchison & Cumming, LLP. Their rescheduled presentation from September, this will be on Spoilage of Evidence, which should be good information for all.


In addition to the great trips provided from the NAEC to Atlantic City, and Porta

Rico on by Carlyon Chavez and, stolen by Ray Miller.


 We had door Prizes from Doris Brannon Wine, Mary Ann King, (Hostess of Romper Room) Bottle of Vino and a Magic Mirror, Stan Schultz A Book, Leslie Malloy West Coast Pads Vodka, Dick Vinciquerra, AFD Industries, Best Buy Gift Card, Gordon Wege CED $25 Visa Gift Card, Steve Grainer Mitsubishi Elevator, 2 bottles of California’s finest, Andrew Ryan Innovation Industries Jack Daniels, Eric Weiss Murchison Cunnings Wine, Allan Lloyd Hyundai Elevator Baileys, Carlyon Chavez EECO, Marker’s Mark (which she likely won)  Sam Farooqi Par Paint Co. Big bottle of J&B, Drew Furman KONE Spares, $20 Starbucks, and Ray Miller, Draka bottle of Ripple.


A special thanks to all that normally don’t make it but did this month, Dick Vunciquerra AFD, Heinz Stickler of Bucher, Teresa of course form the NAEC, and or friends from Mitsubishi it has been too long.


Thanks again to all, and see you all in a couple weeks.

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