Presidents Monthly Message – January 2012

January 11, 2012


As the incoming President for the year 2012 I would like, as my first official statement to say, that we all owe a debt of gratitude to our outgoing President, Allan Lloyd. It wasn’t enough for him to serve a one year term but Allan presided for three consecutive years. So, on behalf of the Group, Allan, we thank you for your dedication and hard work.

The Presidents Monthly Message


Each month you will now receive as part of each month’s issue of the “Shaft” the President’s Message. This will be preceded by a summary of the previous meeting which includes a treasurer’s report , new business, old business and of course a synopsis of our main speaker’s topic. My message to you all this month is an open invitation for anyone wishing to announce promotions, changes in personnel, change of address, a new or improved product or some significant information you wish to share with the group. Don’t keep your business a secret, this space is free Advertising , free Public Relations and in most cases an interest to everyone who pays their dues.

Now you pay your dues on time and the EIGSC  thanks you for that, then we don’t see you until the Golf Tournament or worse the Christmas Meeting and Dinner. Actually, we are glad to see you anytime, but this year we all need to be more pro-active and take a more concerted effort to attend more regularly and when we do bring a guest to show them what we are all about. At our last regular meeting Teresa Witham of the National Elevator Contractor’s Association reminded us why we belong and are active in EIGSC and the NECA in the first place. Not only is it a good place to network but we educate, we regulate, we learn and in so doing enhance the worth of our Industry and our own Business (and many of us have made good friends in the process).

Therefore, the theme for the EIGSC this year is “Survive and Thrive”. 2011 had its share of bad economic news with Government deficits, housing slump, weak dollar, high unemployment, and a general lack of business and consumer confidence.  But if we are going to “Survive and even Thrive” in 2012, regardless of the turndown, we must focus on the “Positive”. Getting new Customers, Business retention (keeping our customer base happy), dealing with competition, improving the quality of our service or products, learning new business techniques and in general improving our own business climate. Our monthly speakers will focus on those elements which will ultimately help us improve our Market Share.

I would like to hear from you all on what you would like to hear or what you would like to see happen at the EIGSC, especially from you Elevator Contractor’s. Supplier’s if you have someone who you think could speak to the group with this theme in mind please let me know.  Perhaps you would like to share some thoughts of your own that will promote our theme. Retired members should also get involved and share your experience and wisdom.

Finally, take care of yourself this year. Eat well, exercise, learn, keep medical conditions under control, keep socially engaged with a variety of interesting friends, have a spiritual and happy life.

Best to you all  and your families in 2012,

George “Buzz” Markert (Elevator Equipment Corp.)

EIGSC Board of Directors: Ralph Lawson (Retired), Christine Lam (Elevator Products Corp.) and Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates)

Pictured Left to Right: Christine Lam (EPCO; Secretary), Ralph Lawson (Retired; Vice President), George “Buzz” Markert (EECO; President), and Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates; Treasurer)