President’s Monthly Message – February 2012

February 7, 2012

EIGSC_The Shaft Newsletter – February 2012


It seems like yesterday when I just wished you all a Happy New Year and here we are into February. I hope your year is going well. In reviewing your January are you satisfied that your goals and objectives for the New Year are on target?  Charles Givens in his book “Super Self” reminds us that to double your effectiveness, apply the 20/80 rule which basically says: “Just 20% of the activities on which you could choose to spend your time will produce 80% of the results you’re after. Conversely, spending time and energy on the other 80% of your possible activities will produce only 20% of the results you are after. How much time do you spend planning and reviewing?

Last month, we heard a solid legal message from Guy R. Gruppie and Mhare O. Mouradian from Murchison & Cumming LLP as was in keeping with our “Survive and Thrive” theme for 2012.

Murchison & Cumming, LLP has represented manufacturers, maintenance companies and property owners in escalator and elevator litigation for more than 20 years.  Attorneys shared with EIGSC some great pointers in their presentation titled “Lose the Evidence, Lose the Case”.  Guy Gruppie and Mhare Mouradian detailed the consequences of lost or altered evidence, recent related changes in California law, and means and methods to avoid evidentiary sanctions in the context of civil litigation.

Pictured (Left to Right): Mhare Mouradian, Guy Gruppie, Mary Trinh, Anita Sreerama, Arleen Milian.

This month I am delighted to announce our guest speaker for February is Craig Valine (a Marketing Coach and Strategist) whose topic is “How to magnetically attract all the customers you want”. Craig leads a large group of Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals in producing more effective ways to Market their business and grow their income and should electrify your Marketing efforts.  You Elevator Contractor’s  are so busy building, servicing, repairing and modernizing Southern California’s Elevator’s sometime you forget to sharpen your business tools. That is precisely what two hours out of your month will produce at the EIGSC monthly meetings. We intend to cover all aspects of your business in each of our monthly meetings. This brief interruption of your business each month will also help you and remind you in your planning and reviewing process.

Please let a Board Member know of your attendance each month because our attendance is growing and we have to notify Taix Restaurant how many seats and meals to prepare.  You can do it by Phone or E-Mail,

Finally, according to Dennis Prager, in his book “Happiness is a Serious Problem – A Human Nature Repair Manual, says “An important Value to your happiness is Clarity, having Explanations (Clarity) matters a great deal. A lack of Clarity suggests that our life is in chaos; chaos suggests meaningless; and meaningless guarantees unhappiness”.  “As with all growth and depth, the more you understand, the more you want to understand and thistransforms us from bystanders to actors”.  Clarity is a Blessing.