President’s Monthly Message – March 2012

March 12, 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter – March 2012


The Ides of March are upon us. Well, almost and even though the Ides (middle) of March aren’t quite upon us it is not too soon for all of us to plan on setting aside a couple of hours for the 20th of this Month for our monthly meeting of the EIGSC.

In February we were treated to a fact packed presentation from Craig Valine (see the Secretary’s notes in this issue of “Shaft”). Thanks Craig we will check out your web site for further information.

This month we will have a “round- table” discussion from our EIGSC member Consultants. Questions will be posed to the panel that pertain to the panel’s expert opinion on such subjects as “When should an Elevator Contractor recommend Modernization to his clients?” and “What do Consultants look for when examining and recommending a new service?” to mention a few. Time permitting we will have a question and answer session following.

Please read our salute to Stan Schultz this month. This very short story of his involvement with our Group (and a little of his life) over the years should make you proud of belonging to the Group and give you a sense of what it is to help grow our Elevator Industries Knowledge and Reputation.

 Finally, don’t forget to stop celebrating the day after St. Patrick’s Day. I, for one, will enjoy a green beer or a Guiness or two with a corned beef and cabbage meal on that day to help celebrate the Irish in our midst  – me mother for instance.