EIGSC’s Monthly Message – April 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter – April 2012


If you missed last month’s round table, we had a great round table of elevator consultants in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas communicate some trends and needs for the elevator industry. 

Moderated by EIGSC President, the round table discussion of elevator consultants answered a series of questions.  Topics discussed were preventive maintenance, how specified products and services are assessed, and the end goal of servicing the Customer.  It seems the number of Contractors interested in this type of forum was greater than usual and the questions from the floor were beneficial to all who attended.  We had a few requests for an encore with more time to be allotted for Questions & Answers session.

Thank you EIGSC members, guests and especially our round table of elevator consultants who attended in March!

Look forward to seeing you April 17th @ Taix’s Restaurant!

EIGSC President – George “Buzz” Markert (EECO) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Christine Lam (EPCO) / Treasurer – Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon

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