EIGSC’s Monthly Message – October 2012


Reserve these dates (every 3rd Tuesday @ Taix’s)!

–>  10/16/12, 11:30am, Speaker Topic: Light Curtain Systems

–>  11/20/12, 11:30am, Speaker Topic: TBD

–>  12/18/12,  11:30am, Annual EIGSC Christmas Party

To keep the momentum of the “Survive and Thrive in 2012” theme, please plan to come in October & November with EIGSC Boards of Directors’ nominations & voting for Year 2013.

If you have paid your EIGSC membership dues and your company or name is not listed on our website (https://elevatorindustry.com/floor-2-membership-list/), then please kindly email EIGSoCal@gmail.com with any corrections that are needed.

**QEI Training Course & Pilot Exam, Oct. 15th-19th, Phoenix AZ**

Previous discussions about NCEIG (Northern California) and EIGSC combining attendees to host the 5-day course within California could not come to fruition.  However, due to the strong interest earlier in 2012, we would like to let EIGSC members know that NAESA International is hosting a QEI Training Course & Pilot Exam (5-days total) in Phoenix, AZ — October 15th-19th, 2012. 

Please note, EIGSC has no direct affliation with hosting this QEI Certification 5-day course.  Even though we may miss you at October’s EIGSC meeting, we strongly encourage education within the Elevator Industry and hope you find the 5-day course worth your investment.  Please see NAESA International’s website for more details, cost, application form, instructions, list of materials needed, and FAQs:  https://www.naesai.org/calendar.php

Elevator Industry Group of Southern California (EIGSC) represents education, integrity and a commitment towards excellence in the elevator industry.

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