EIGSC’s Monthly Message – November 2012

November 10, 2012

EIGSC_The Shaft Newsletter – November 2012


By the time you read this the Election will be all over, that is, all but the shouting. No matter who you voted for I think our Thanksgiving Prayer will be that this President  will put Our great Country first in all of his decisions.

The E.I.G.S.C. has tried to keep lock step with the Federal Elections by offering our own version which began with the October Meeting which was presided over by our Vice President, Ralph Lawson. In that meeting Ralph reports that once the meeting finished with old business, as is the rules of our Group, nominations for the next year’s Board were held Motions were made and seconded for the following positions:

            President:                  Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard)

            Vice President:         Ralph Lawson (Retired)

            Secretary:                   Jason Thibodeau (Sunstate)

            Treasurer:                  Angelika Carry (Smoke Guard)

In view of the fact there were no other nominations the E.I.G.S.C. will vote on these nominees in our November 20th meeting. This of course is our Thanksgiving meeting and I hope all of you will make a special effort to attend. We have had many new members join our Group in this 2012 year and you will notice three of the new Board nominees are also new members this year.

Speaking of new members , our guest speaker for October was Cornelius Walls of Formula Systems North America. Cornelius introduced the Safe Screen, Slim Screen, the Safe Zone Door Protection Device and the simple to use Orator True Speech Annunciator. It was a very informative talk and certainly in keeping with educational part of belonging to the E.I.G.S.C.

Our November meeting guest speaker canceled and so we thought it fitting to honor our  retired members. It is through their long lasting devotion and hard work that has brought our Industry to where it is today. So if you know any of our retired members please remind them of this event in November.

Thanksgiving is Turkey dinner and all the trimmings, Football, Family and Family Games but don’t forget to Give Thanks for the many blessings that have been given to us, our families, our Industry, our Military and this Great Country of ours.

See you November 20th!

Happy Thanksgiving!!