Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)

April 2013

Here it is April already and a busy month for many with tax deadlines and the first quarter now behind us! Is it only me……but these days/months are just flying by and I hope that you are starting to accomplish some of your goals and visions professionally and personally this year. Before you know it, summer has passed and we are celebrating the holidays!

My message this month is just about that….how time flies by! As we continue to attend our monthly meetings, I am hoping that each member in some way has thought or is thinking of bringing in a colleague, business associate or friend who can potentially be a future EIGSC member. Each day we are so involved and engaged in our respective businesses and we come in contact with so many people who are directly associated with the elevator industry or perhaps others who are associated in the construction and design industries. As you know, my vision for the future of EIGSC is to allow our Chapter membership to grow and expand to various related professionals within our elevator industry. I feel that many related professional disciplines who work, service, install, build, enforce codes and design around elevators would have a huge benefit to gain from our unique industry group. Our Chapter group is an excellent forum for learning, networking and mingling with various businesses and trades. Don’t you agree?

Time is flying by and this is why I encourage each of you to extend an invitation to “bring along” a potential new member to our monthly meetings and better yet, to our upcoming EIGSC Golf Tournament on June 21

st. Golf registration forms will be posted in our EIGSC website under “Events” so please take a moment to register and get involved! Sign up your team and sponsorships NOW!

In our March meeting, we had SimplexGrinnell come and present to our group about the latest in smoke detection system and show us a new active “sniffing” smoke detection system to be used in the elevator hoistways as well as around the elevator entrance lobbies or corridors. We want to thank their team for a well informed presentation and if you have any further questions or interest in SimplexGrinnell (, please contact Miro Berjan – Electronics Operations Manager at

As I mention in my monthly messages, the strength of our organization is premised on the level of involvement by our members. With that in mind, I invite you to call or e-mail me to share any ideas, thoughts or feedback to improve our Chapter. I will make it a point to ensure that you receive a response to communications you send me. You should also feel free to contact any Board Member. We all welcome your ideas and feedback.

Best to each of you,

Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)

2013 EIGSC President


Tele: 310-561-6730

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