EIGSC’s Monthly Message – December 2013

In November   we had a great presentation by the City of Los Angeles Department of Building   and Safety.  During the presentation we   heard from Peter Callas- Chief Inspector, Barry Friesen- Principle Inspector,   and David Jennings Senior Safety Engineer.    The presentation was historical and thought provoking.  Did you know the number of Hydraulic   Elevators in the city of Los Angeles? Cabled Elevators?  Escalators and moving walkways?  Below was part of David Jennings   presentation:


It is   incredible the City of Los Angeles has 22,856 conveyances and growing!  That is a lot of potential business for our   industry!

All three presenters spoke about the good   outlook for the future.  The   presentation described the many upcoming high rise projects, renderings of   the new 73 Floor Wilshire Grand Tower, and high dollar projects at LAX.

    Barry LA B and S

The Los Angeles skyline is changing!

Soaring to 1,100 feet (including the spire), The Wilshire Grand Tower will be the tallest building on the West Coast.  It will also have the first double deck elevator in city of Los Angeles. Scheduled completion is 2017!

 Wilshre Grand Tower

A special Thank   You to Peter   Callas – Chief Inspector, Barry Friesen – Principal Inspector, and David   Jennings – Senior Safety Engineer for their presentation and ongoing   participation in the EIGSC.




    Thank you to everyone who contributed to the   Raffle!


PLEASE remember to join us for our Holiday   Meeting

Tuesday, December 17th 11:30 AM @Taix

Meeting   Business:

New Business:

•      Angelika will be sending out invoices   for EIGSC renewal membership

•      Nominee for next year’s Board members   by written ballot

Old Business   covered:

•      Angelika updated our financials and   recent renewals

•     The Harbor Cruise has been postponed til   2014

EIGSC President – Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Jason Thibodeau(Sunstate Equipment)/ Treasurer – Angelika Carry  (Smoke Guard CA) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon

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