EIGSC’s Monthly Message – January 2014

How quickly 2013 has passed!  The December EIGSC Holiday Luncheon was full of laughter, camaraderie, and let’s not forget raffle items!
Dec Holiday raffle

So many items it was difficult to get them all in one picture!

raffle 1

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the Raffle! We had a great turn out and your

contributions help the group in a tremendous way.


raffle 3

Almost everyone was a winner; with a select few who won so many gifts they needed help carrying them out of the room!  Special thank you to Angelika Carry for purchasing gifts for the EIGSC, as well as the beautiful Poinsettia’s that   adorned every table.

During the meeting we went over the nominations for the 2014 board and the results are as follows:

President:  Ray Miller / Prysmian Group & Draka   Elevator Products

Vice   President:  Ralph Lawson / Retired

Treasurer:  Jason Thibodeau / Sunstate Equipment

Secretary:  Greg Moore / Hyundai Elevator Co. & CNS   Automation

dec boardOutgoing President Rudi de Ocampo, Treasure Angelika Carry, and 2014 President Ray Miller!

Meeting Business:

New Business:

•      Voted & appointed  new Board members

Old Business covered:

•      Angelika updated our financials and recent renewals

•     The Harbor Cruise has been postponed til 2014

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