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The ELEVATOR INDUSTRY GROUP OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA is an informal not for profit association formed in 1947 and in continual existence since that time. The purpose of the group is to facilitate the common interests of the elevator industry and the public welfare by social interaction and bilateral information distribution. Membership is open to all persons sharing those interests. Luncheon meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the months of January through May and September through December at:

Les Freres Taix Restaurant

1911 Sunset Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA

(213) 484-1265

11:30 AM

  • An annual Golf Tournament is held in June and activities are suspended for the traditional vacation months of July and August.

Officers are elected each November for the following calendar year. The officers for 2012 are:

President:             Rudi de Ocampo

Vice President:      Ralph Lawson

Secretary:             Jason Thibodeau

Treasurer:              Angelika Carry

Sergeant at Arms: Doris Brannon



Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)


February 2013


Welcome returning and new members to our Elevator Industry Group of Southern California! To our returning members, welcome to another great year with the Elevator Industry Group of Southern California and to our new members, welcome to the organization and we thank you for joining and being a part of an elevator industry group history that was formed back in 1947. As past and returning members can tell you, the Southern California Chapter is still in existence due to the dedication and shared interest of those who seek to enhance their knowledge in the elevator industry through networking, educational presentations, code updates, technology and just plain old camaraderie! Before I get too far along, let me thank a few people for their service to EIGSC last year. George “Buzz” Markert (EECO) set a great example as our 2012 President and we are glad for his leadership and continued involvement in EIGSC. Ralph Lawson (Retired) who was last year’s Vice President has returned to be our Vice President for 2013 and his contribution was and still is greatly appreciated. Outgoing 2012 Board Members are Treasurer, Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates) and Secretary, Christine Lam (EPCO) who also deserve our many thanks for their commitment and contribution to our chapter.

As the 2013 new year kicks into gear, EIGSC will continue to facilitate “Progress through Knowledge”. By preserving and continuing the long standing history of the EIGSC Chapter and giving members the offerings to provide a great opportunity for “you” to learn about a variety of related subjects within the industry in our lunch meeting presentations through guest speakers covering interesting, informative and timely topics and to provide a place to develop and nurture a relationship with a client or colleague. I encourage each of you to maximize the value from your membership by taking advantage of the Chapter’s offerings and networking opportunities at our monthly meetings and scheduled events this year.

Many exciting guest speakers, presentations and events await us in 2013. One important agenda item for our Board Members and all of you, as members, is to be pro-active in growing our membership and expanding to other disciplines within our industry. Invite a guest, client or colleague to our monthly meetings to show them what we are about. Bringing Architects, General Contractors, Designers, City and State AHJ’s, Suppliers and Manufacturer Reps would generate a new breathe of ideas, thoughts and interests into the group. This would be an excellent way for all of us to learn more of the different disciplines that is so much related to the elevator industry through design, construction, technology and codes. Again, it is “Progress through Knowledge”.

The 2013 EIGSC Board of Directors is here to serve your needs as a member. While I have the pleasure of serving as your President for 2013, the success of the Chapter would be impossible without the active support and participation of our Board Members, and I would like to recognize them for their service. Your 2013 Vice President is Ralph Lawson (Retired); Treasurer is Angelika Carry (Smoke Guard CA); and Secretary is Jason Thibodeau (Sunstate) and Sergeant at Arms is Doris Brannon.

I hope you are as excited as I am about 2013, and that you help us continue our tradition of success. The strength of our organization is premised on the level of involvement by our members. With that in mind, I invite you to call or e-mail me to share any ideas, thoughts or feedback to improve our Chapter. I will make it a point to ensure that you receive a response to communications you send me. You should also feel free to contact any Board Member. We all welcome your ideas and feedback. I look forward to hearing from you by email, phone or to see you at one of our monthly meetings or upcoming events. Best to each of you,

Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)

2013 EIGSC President

Email: rudimard@sgcal.com

Tele: 310-561-6730


Informational – A speaker at each meeting gives presentation about matters of interest – public and individual safety – the latest products and services – Codes and other legal matters affecting the industry – technical matters of interest.

In addition to these presentations, much useful information is available by individual association. Many public officials are members and regularly attend meetings. Other members are associated with Code formation in various ways and provide reports on current happenings. Others represent various manufacturers, suppliers and service companies, labor unions, etc. The camaraderie provides an ideal medium for exchange of information and ideas.

Social – In addition to the monthly luncheon meetings, there is the annual Golf Tournament and other social events are scheduled from time to time. In addition to a monthly door prize, a raffle is held for numerous prizes donated by members, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the ELEVATOR AND ESCALATOR SAFETY FOUNDATION.

History – In response to how the Group was founded, Ed Ryan, one of the founders, penned the following in 1966:

A few may remember, but most don’t, when, and how the Elevator Industry Group of Southern California got its’ start.

It was in 1947 that a few of us thought it might be a good idea if the Elevator people in the Los Angeles area stopped calling each other bastards long enough to sit around a luncheon table and get acquainted. During the intervening nineteen years at least one of these goals has been attained — we sit down to lunch.

A date was agreed on and, in October of 1947 we had our first meeting in a private dining room at the Elk’s Club on Parkview and Sixth Street. The following men at that first meeting organized the group:

Terry Osterberg (Otis), Gano Baker and John Lindburg (Westinghouse), Alfred Montapert (Elevator Maintenance Co), Fred Kalte (Elevator Equipment Co.), Al Gorton (Beckwith Elevator Co.), Ed Ryan (Elevator Supplies Co.), Bev. Smith (Los Angeles Elevator Co.), Al Darancette (United Elevator Co.), Gael Rogers and Tobe Tyler (Kimball Elevator Co.), Griff Williams and Frank Park (Oliver and Williams) and Al Conley (Pacific Coast Elevator Co.). Of this group of good men and true, over half have gone clear up to the penthouse to their final reward.

They organized into a regular luncheon group, picked a name, decided to meet once a month at Lindy’s Restaurant at Wilshire and Harvard and elected a president and Vice President. For some unexplainable reason, Ed Ryan was elected President. Fred Kalte, one of the really valuable men to the group in its early years, was elected Vice President.

The Elk’s Club Building has since been auctioned off. Lindy’s Restaurant has long since been demolished. But the Group, hatched by those old men continues and, in the capable hands of the younger generation, will go on for years to come, becoming more successful as it does.

Just keep in mind the thing we originally met for — to prove to ourselves and to each other that no one in the Elevator Industry is REALLY a Bastard.


We hope that others will write additions to the foregoing to update the history.  I believe that all those founding members are gone now and it is interesting to note that of the original founding Companies –



ELEVATOR MAINTENANCE was sold to HAUGHTON ELEVATOR, which was acquired by TOLEDO SCALE, which was sold to RELIANCE ELECTRIC, which sold the Elevator operations to SCHINDLER.


So, the group has survived all its’ founders and most of the companies they represented. Some companies not in existence or not active in the United States back in 1947 are currently major “players” in the Industry. Among them are three International firms – Swiss based SCHINDLER (mentioned above), Finnish based KONE and German based ThyssenKrupp. Also very active in the US market is a pair of Japanese firms, FUJITEC and MITSUBISHI. In the interim, several US based companies rose to prominence, only to be absorbed by overseas firms, among them were DOVER (purchased by ThyssenKrupp) and MONTGOMERY (purchased by KONE). All these and many others are or have been active in the Group at various times.

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