EIGSC’s Monthly Message – May 2013

June 20, 2013
As we start   into the second business quarter of the year, Ralph Lawson took the podium in Rudi’s absence presiding over our April Meeting.

May RalphMay Woody

Cheers to the EIGSC,   they won 3 bottles of wine!


Left to right:  Sam Farooqi with   Par Paint, Leonard Patito Western Elevator, David Altman Global Elevator,   Woody Wright (retired)

May Tim Hawkins


Left to right: George Markert of EECO, Darla Abel of LADBS, Tim Hawkins (retired)

Our Guest   speaker in May is Jesse Franco, a Los Angeles City Fire Department Inspector.  He brings years of experience having both hands   on knowledge as a fire fighter with high rise buildings, and degrees in Fire   Science..   He has had many leadership   positions during his distinguished career.    Jesse has gained experience from his service as a Lieutenant with the   United States Navy, as a Company Commander, and a Unit Commander.

Meeting   Business:Old Business   covered:

•         Ralph updated new renewals, and our   financial standing

•          Possible Harbor Cruise location   TBD: Long Beach, Marina Del Rey / Date to TBD

•          Registration forms were handed out   for our Golf Tourney at the California Country Club June 21st, 1PM. If you   have questions please contact Gordon Wege at 562-490-0900 ext 238 or   gwege@cedlongbeach.com

New Business   covered:

•          Angelika to mail out invoices/statements   for EIGSC membership


A big Thank you for the generous   Raffle donations this Month.  Please bring your raffle items   our next EIGSC luncheon meeting on May 21st  at TAIX



Got your foursome   planned?  The EIGSC Golf Tournament   will be June 21St at the California Country Club

EIGSC President – Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Jason Thibodeau(Sunstate Equipment)/ Treasurer – Angelika Carry  (Smoke Guard CA) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon


April 15, 2013

Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)

April 2013

Here it is April already and a busy month for many with tax deadlines and the first quarter now behind us! Is it only me……but these days/months are just flying by and I hope that you are starting to accomplish some of your goals and visions professionally and personally this year. Before you know it, summer has passed and we are celebrating the holidays!

My message this month is just about that….how time flies by! As we continue to attend our monthly meetings, I am hoping that each member in some way has thought or is thinking of bringing in a colleague, business associate or friend who can potentially be a future EIGSC member. Each day we are so involved and engaged in our respective businesses and we come in contact with so many people who are directly associated with the elevator industry or perhaps others who are associated in the construction and design industries. As you know, my vision for the future of EIGSC is to allow our Chapter membership to grow and expand to various related professionals within our elevator industry. I feel that many related professional disciplines who work, service, install, build, enforce codes and design around elevators would have a huge benefit to gain from our unique industry group. Our Chapter group is an excellent forum for learning, networking and mingling with various businesses and trades. Don’t you agree?

Time is flying by and this is why I encourage each of you to extend an invitation to “bring along” a potential new member to our monthly meetings and better yet, to our upcoming EIGSC Golf Tournament on June 21

st. Golf registration forms will be posted in our EIGSC website under “Events” so please take a moment to register and get involved! Sign up your team and sponsorships NOW!

In our March meeting, we had SimplexGrinnell come and present to our group about the latest in smoke detection system and show us a new active “sniffing” smoke detection system to be used in the elevator hoistways as well as around the elevator entrance lobbies or corridors. We want to thank their team for a well informed presentation and if you have any further questions or interest in SimplexGrinnell (www.simplexgrinnell.com), please contact Miro Berjan – Electronics Operations Manager at mberjan@simplexgrinnell.com

As I mention in my monthly messages, the strength of our organization is premised on the level of involvement by our members. With that in mind, I invite you to call or e-mail me to share any ideas, thoughts or feedback to improve our Chapter. I will make it a point to ensure that you receive a response to communications you send me. You should also feel free to contact any Board Member. We all welcome your ideas and feedback.

Best to each of you,

Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA)

2013 EIGSC President

Email: rudimard@sgcal.com

Tele: 310-561-6730

EIGSC’s Monthly Message – April 2013

April 15, 2013
Just when you thought technology would not surprise you, it does.  Simplex Grinnell’s great presentation was on fire life safety technology.April Simplex

Simplex Grinnell came out in force to show support of our group.The presenting team consisted of:

Donald Yax, Special Hazard Systems Sales and Application Specialist

Robert Humphreys, Fire Alarm Sales Representative

Ron Mayle, Design Manager

Miro Berjan, Operations Manager

SmplexGrinnell was pleased to present how new technologies could be adapted to protect against fires within elevator shafts. New fire protection systems, originally developed to protect large buildings and HVAC systems, can be adapted to provide better protectionand earlier warning than traditional equipment. Intelligent controls, that include internet or mass notification capabilities, can alert more people, using more communication methods (e-mail, phone text, etc.) with information that is uniquely designed for a specific response (fire department call out, engineering assignments, evacuation, etc.). This communication, coupled with the early warning of “aspirating” smoke detectors, will allow less fire damage and a faster recovery time for any elevator shaft fire.

april ray group

 f you missed the February issue of Elevator World,  please see the great article on one of our own members, Leslie Malloy of West Coast Companies.

West Coast Co

April Leslie and m

 Meeting Business:

Old Business covered:

•          Angelika updated new renewals, and our financials

•          Possibly adding an additional event

•          Possible Harbor Cruise location TBD: Long Beach, Marina Del Rey / Date to TBD

•          Gordon Wedge of CED will be handling Golf Tourney at the California Country Club June 21st, 1PM

New Business covered:

•          Angelika to mail out invoices for EIGSC membership

•          Putting together a new membership renewal invoice form that has a condensed membership list.

A big appreciation to those members who generously donate to our meeting raffle.

April Raffle

Look forward to seeing you at our next EIGSC luncheon meeting on April  16th at TAIX

Plan your foursome now! The EIGSC Golf Tournament will be June 21St at the California Country Club

2013 EIGSC Golf Brochure

EIGSC President – Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Jason Thibodeau(Sunstate Equipment)/ Treasurer – Angelika Carry  (Smoke Guard CA) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon

EIGSC’s Monthly Message – February 2013

February 4, 2013
On our January meeting, Dean Heasley and Theresa Atwood from Kings III,  presented how their emergency phone services expertly monitor and respond to your clients needs any time of the day.  Since 1989, Kings III has provided an excellent code compliant solution and the potential of extra revenue stream through their Joint Venture program. Combining monitoring, service, and maintenance in a single monthly cost.Dean Heasley presentation            









Check their website for further details (www.kingsiii.com) or call Dean Heasley or Teresa Atwood at 1-800-393-5858.

Looking forward at the year ahead of us, Rudi de Ocampo our new President presented the theme of 2013  as Progress through Knowledge.  One of the goals of our progress is to grow our membership, involving other disciplines of the elevator industry such as architects, general contractors, designers, city and state inspectors.

Rudi de Ocampo Address





Old Business covered:

Angelika updated members in attendance of the treasury account and balance

New Business covered:

  • Gordon Wedge of CED will be handling Golf Tourney at the California Country Club – Date to TBD
  • Possibility of adding another event – TBD
  • Continuing the Harbor Cruise – Location and date still TBD

Look forward to seeing you at our next EIGSC luncheon meeting on February 19th at TAIX!


REMINDER! Please bring a gift item as a raffle give away to the next meeting!  Raffle tickets will be sold each & every monthly meeting!

Special thanks to Tim Hawkins & Andrew Ryan(Innovation Industries) who provided the wine to raffle. The lucky winners were Stan Schultz and Janice Serrano (Lerch Bates)

Value Added

This new feature to our monthly newsletter is for the benefit of our members who were not able to attend our monthly lunch meeting.

Kings III has been manufacturing, installing, servicing and monitoring emergency telephones since 1989 and has 36,000 presently under their care.

Kings III works directly with elevator contractors to promote its Turnkey Solution. Kings III Turnkey Solutions simply means that everything relating to elevator and pool area emergency telephone needs is included in one affordable package, with one point of responsibility for  all.  As experts in the field of emergency communications, they have learned what it takes to provide a reliable code compliant solution and included in their package are the following: 
Emergency telephones and other required equipment
Line seizure capability (eliminate dedicated line cost)
Initial testing
Monitoring at our 24-hour Emergency Dispatch Center
Dispatch of emergency medical services and non-emergency calls
Digital recording of all calls with permanent records accessibility
Maintenance of all equipment provided
The Value Added to a Contractor’s Customer is that Monitoring, Service and Maintenance are included in a single, low monthly charge, fixing the customer’s costs. Turnkey Solutions represent value to Contractor and Customer in emergency communications. Elevator contractor’s can share in the revenue through their Joint Venture Program.  This program can eliminate the headache and hassle that ADA phones present and relieving the Contractor of Phone Maintenance.

EIGSC President – Rudi de Ocampo (Smoke Guard CA) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Jason Thibodeau (Sunstate Equipment) / Treasurer – Angelica Carry  (Smoke Guard CA) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon