EIGSC – October 2010 Lunch Recap

November 4, 2010



                The EIGSC held their latest meeting on the 19th of October at the usual time and place. The rainy, dreary weather seemed to keep a lot of people away as attendance was only 24 people. One of our most faithful members Stan was out with the flu but is feeling better and will definitely be back in November just in time for elections. Speaking of, we are still open to receiving nominations for officers for 2011.

                After some mingling and catching up with old friends the meeting was called to order at 12:05pm. We started with introductions and moved right into the treasurer’s report. As of this last meeting we had $17,744 in the bank and are still financially sound. It was then mentioned that we have been donating to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (www.JDRF.org) for the past 6 years and a vote was taken to continue this. The vote passed with a clear majority and a check for $250 will be sent to this worthy charity. Also, Ray Miller (Ray.Miller@Draka.com) asked that anyone with any ideas or suggestions on how to better this monthly newsletter please bring them to his attention.

                The next item of business for October’s meeting was compiling the list of nominations for next month’s elections.  Our President Allan Lloyd is not positive he will be around this coming year to continue in his position and our Treasurer Leslie Malloy has reached her term limit. Current officers assured us that there is not an overwhelming amount of work or time commitments that come with the position so, once again, we ask you to please consider running for office if possible. So far our nominations are:

                President:  Open

                Vice President: Open

                Treasurer: Andrew Ryan

                Secretary: Ray Miller


                Several members have mentioned and most of us have noticed that participation in the EIGSC has been weak. We have talked about possibly getting a group of members together to brainstorm on ways that we could boost attendance and reinvigorate the group. We mentioned the possibility of only meeting once a quarter which no one seemed to want but something needs to be done. Please be thinking of ways we could enhance our group and keep it going for another 63 years.We will discuss these ideas at future lunches.


                Special thanks to everyone who brought a gift for our raffle: Doris Brannon (Cash gift), Ed Park (liquor), B. Tillipman (liquor), Mary Thomsic (liquor), Leslie Malloy (candy), Ray Miller (wine), Mark Keelan (liquor), Carolyn Chavez (wine) and Marilyn Look (golf gloves)


                Our guest speaker this month was Jim Collett, a long time elevator mechanic who just wrote a book about his time in the field. This book, titled Elevator Man Stories:40 Years of Funny, Colorful and Serious Stories While Working in the Trade!is a collection of entertaining stories that deal mostly with the unique characters he encountered while on the job. Jim actually began writing his stories online in Elevator World’s blog but as the stories began to get more risqué they were less willing to post them on their conservative site. With the encouragement of his mother, Mr. Collett decided to write this book with his wife being the editor.The book is a very easy read that will have you laughing out loud and is highly recommended by the group.


                Next month we will have Doug Witham and Frank Marchese at the lunch for their presentation titled “What’s New at GAL and Hollister Whitney”. They will bring gifts to handout along with our usual raffle. Elections will also be held at November’s lunch so we hope to see you all there!




Next Meeting October 19th, 2010

October 8, 2010

The second lunch of our fall meeting is fast upon us, and here is what is going to happen.

The usual start time of 11:30am with meeting of friends and colleagues, at Taix’s French Restaurant, 1911 Sunset Boulevard, in Echo Park.

The meeting will be called to order at 12:00 Noon, introductions will be made, and we will get down to business.

The financial statement will be read, and the floor will be open to new business.

I will appoint a nominating chair, and we will open the floor to nominations for all Group officers -President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

We certainly need some people to step up, and support the group, as it stands right now we only have two remaining officers , and per the Bylaws the treasurer is not supposed to serve two consecutive terms.

I will ask the servers to bring out the delicious food while the nominations are going on. The election will be held at the November lunch.

Around 12:40 I will introduce our presenter this month we have Jim Collett.  Jim has recently completed writing his non-fiction book Elevator Man Stories. From speaking with Jim he knows many of you, and is excited about speaking to us.  So talk with your buddies and let’s have a good turnout. Checkout the attached press release!


Really try to get a hold of some people, and get them there.  Everybody, call someone who has not made it in a while.

At or before 1:15pm we will start to wrap things up, with the raffle and door prizes, the BIG Door Prize from the Group will be $100 cash this month, Jim has also provided a large stack of his book what too will be part of the prizes.

So show up, participate, and support the Group!

Kind Regards

Allan Lloyd


EIGSC – September 2010 Lunch Recap

October 5, 2010

The Elevator Industry Group of Southern California began the fall meetings at Taix’s on Tuesday, September 21st, 2010. President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order at 12pm sharp and welcomed everyone back. 34 current members and their guests were in attendance for the first meeting after our summer break.

Allan Lloyd updated the group on the current state of our finances, we currently have $18,770 in the bank. It was brought to the group’s attention that there had been some financial irregularities from the previous year’s golf tournament but the group agreed to wait until the end of the meeting to discuss this.

The EIGSC is looking for new and interesting presenters for upcoming lunches. Please help get the word out that we are looking, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Several members said they were planning on being at the annual NAEC convention in Cincinnati, Ohio and Allan asked that they keep their eyes open for future guest speakers.

The EIGSC will be holding elections at the November lunch, please be thinking about possibly running for office. We will be asking for nominations in October, everyone’s continued active support is appreciated. The date for the golf tournament was also set, this will be held on June 17th, 2011.

Special thanks to everyone who brought giveaways for the raffle and to everyone who purchased tickets. This month we had several gifts to raffle off, please keep it up as this adds some excitement to the monthly meeting.

Qccess Technology was our presenter this month. Special thanks to David Bang and Kim Myoung for taking the time to present to us and for providing several gift cards to our raffle. Qccess has created a very innovative solution used to transmit data from closed circuit television to a monitor. Traditionally, a new travelling cable would have to be hung to provide the coax cables necessary to wire a security camera which makes CCTV quite expensive. They have designed a very cost effective way to instead transmit this data up or down the hoistway using lasers. Currently they only have the device for going one direction, meaning you would have to use two if you want to have both a display and a camera in the cab. The unit with two signals is expected very soon. They also see the possibility of using the device for precise positioning of the elevator, which would allow it to be used as a selector.

Thanks to: Doris Brannon (flash lights), David Bang (gift cards), Marilyn Look (wine), Jack Parker (wine), Bill Adrian (wine), Stan Schultz, Ray Miller (wine), Eric Lazear (wine), Brian Gaa (gift card), Mary Thomice (liquor), Jeff Runtz (gift card)Mr.Bang and Mr. Kim also gave $100 dollars worth of Visa Gift Cards.

Congrats to this month’s grand prize winner of $150 cash: Eric Lazear – Draka Elevator Products

EIG Next Meeting – September 21st!

September 15, 2010


I hope everyone had a Fantastic Summer, let this serve as a reminder that next Tuesday September 21st we begin out Fall Sessions the Industry Groups luncheon.

It all begins at 11:30 at Taix Restaurant 1911 Sunset Blvd, try to make it and bring a friend and enjoy a cocktail and a fine lunch.

Although we do not have a speaker this month we have a lot to go over.

Introductions will begin at 12:00 with lunch being served, the finical statement will be gone over and an accounting of this year’s golf outing. Note:  next year’s is June 17th.

The speaker for Tuesdays lunch, David Bang with Qccess Technology will be presenting their Laser Communication System, David showed me this product at the recent BOMA show in Long Beach, and it is a very cost effective solution for adding cameras or video systems to existing elevators. I am sure the group will find his presentation informative and useful.

We need to be thinking about elections that will be in held in November, we certainly need some folks to step up and assist.

I am headed to the NAEC in Cincinnati the end of the month and would like to know what type of speakers the group would like to present.  

This month the Door Prize from the EIG will be $150! Just for showing up and signing in (thank you Doris)!

If anyone has something they want to discuss, give me a call at 909-633-1130 or bring it to the meeting. 

See you all there,

Allan Lloyd

EIGSC Golf Outing Fast Approaching!

June 2, 2010

Hello Group,

We have 17 days left before our EESF Charity Golf Tournament!!

Seventeen days left to get your Entry Forms back in.

Seventeen more days to arrange travel if you are coming in from out of town.

Seventeen days and counting before all of the fun and festivities. 

By all signs, this year is sure to be one of the best years ever.  The participation is up so far, and the excitement over the event seems to increase by the day.

There are going to be so many wonderful raffle prizes, the raffle will be awesome this year. 

Remember everyone’s  is a winner when they participate in this EESF Charity Golf Tournament.

So don’t put it off any longer.   Get everyone at work to come with you and enjoy all the fun with us all.

Fill out your entry forms, and get those checks in the mail. 2010 EIGSC Brochure.pdf

**Side Note:  We hope to soon be able to accept credit card payment for not only the golf tournament, but for membership renewal as well.

There are still sponsorship opportunities available, and still a few days to get the sponsorship signs ordered & delivered in time for the tournament.

**Better Side Note:  The Margarita Bar and Taco Stand will be open for business in just a few more days, so don’t delay.  Mail your entry forms in today.

See you all on June 18th at the California Country Club.  

 Michael Shaw
2010 EIG/SC Charity Golf Tournament Director
1409 Kuehner Drive – Suite F
Simi Valley, CA 93063-4478
Phone – 805-520-1560
Cell – 805-512-1654

In Memoriam-John Brannon

April 30, 2010

John was the Webmaster of this website an all of the posts made on it were written with care and compassion which demonstrated his love of the EIGSC and the elevator industry. As you read through the meeting recaps, you can hear John’s voice. The EIGSC was very lucky to have John helping with the association and will be missed by us all.

In Loving Memory of John Edgar Brannon September 4, 1934 – March 23,2010

John was born on September 4, 1934 in Memphis, Tennessee to Thomas and Belva Brannon. He was the third child with an older sister Blossom, older brother Tommy and a younger brother Bill. John grew up playing sports, enjoyed academics and was academically at the head of his class. School work came easily to him as he was an avid reader and had excellent comprehension of facts and specifics, which grew over his lifetime; he was well versed in most subjects, current and historical events. He graduated from Christian Brothers

College Prep School in 1953 with honors and tested as the top 1 or 2 in his class each year. In 1955 John went to work for Rotary Lift Company in Memphis, TN (Rotary Lift was later acquired by Dover Corporation, Elevator Division). This would be the start of a 55 year career in the Elevator Industry. He started out as a Mail Clerk advancing to Service Clerk, Service Engineer, Assistant Service Manager, Parts Manager, Service Sales Engineer, and District Manager. John worked for Dover Corporation for 36 years and while there were many ups and downs during that time (sorry, bad elevator joke) upon reflecting on these times he said he loved every minute of it and was fortunate and thankful for the experience and to be involved in an industry that proved to be both challenging and rewarding.

After Dover Elevator, John worked for US Elevator Company and ThyssenKrupp Elevator Company before deciding to go into consulting full time in 1996. Over the years John developed a great deal of knowledge and consulting allowed him to share this knowledge of Elevators with clients and associates in the industry acting as an Expert Witness and performing Elevator Inspections. John is well regarded and was sought out for his expertise. He taught classes and was an excellent public speaker, having served as President of Rotary Club and winning Speaker Champion for his district. John also had a good understanding of mechanical engineering and was fascinated by how machinery worked. He has a US Patent to his credit for Viscosity Control Means for Fluid of Hydraulic Elevator Systems, which remains a major product feature. He was ever willing to share his knowledge with fellow industry associates and friends. In addition, to always being available to answer questions or provide guidance John was an ongoing contributor to ELEVATOR WORLD magazine, where he had numerous published articles.

“I will always remember John for his wonderful knowledge and stories he shared. He will be missed by everyone who knew him,” noted Tom Sybert – C.J. Anderson & Co.

“In an industry populated by far too many midgets, John Brannon was a giant. A man of profound knowledge that he shared freely with others. A man of substance and integrity who will be sorely missed by those of us whose lives he touched in a gentle manner,” shared Patrick A. Carrajat

John so loved his family. He and his wife Doris complemented one another beautifully and have enjoyed a very good life together, they shared a passion for golf, travel and worked together during the years that John did consulting work, as well as serving as officers together in the Elevator Industry Group of Southern California. Together they raised 4 children; John Brannon, Jr., Thomas Brannon, Cynthia Brannon-Gessler, and Sean Brannon. John was a dedicated father who was always there for the family and provided many life lessons both verbally and most importantly by the example of the honorable life he lead. He was a true gentleman and was proud of the accomplishments of his children and grandchildren. John is also survived by his 6 grandchildren Rebecca Brannon, Steven Brannon, Rachel Gessler, Julia Brannon, Sarah Gessler, and Henry Brannon. Family gatherings often had Grandpa reading to his grandchildren or teaching them how to throw a ball or sharing how something worked. Birthdays and holidays were very special. The grandchildren looked forward to their time together. John had a passion for music and could play the guitar, he loved to play and sing. The family has cherished memories of him playing the guitar when his kids where younger and at family gatherings with the grandchildren.

John Brannon (aka The Elevator Man – aka Dad, Pop, Grandpa, Teacher, Coach, Mentor, and Best Friend) with his warmth, generosity and honesty will be forever missed by his wife, children, grandchildren and friends. May he rest in peace as he hears the angels sing.

Recap of Meeting of November 17, 2009

December 6, 2009

President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order. First order of business was election of officers for next year. There being no nominations from the floor, it seems that the offer of the present officers to “re-u p”, except for Vice President, was accepted. Mike Shaw volunteered to serve in that post and there was no objection, therefore Mike was elected by acclimation.

Allan indicated that he had lined up some speakers for next year, including CE Electronics and Imperial Electric. New elevator unit Chief Debby Tudor has promised to make a presentation sometime in the next six months.

Allan inquired about an opportunity to have members e-mail added to the list who receive notice about changes from the state. There seemed to be no objection from anyone, so we will pursue it further.

While we were eating lunch, a slide show was presented depicting a “Safety Rider” presentation recently done by Allan and Leslie Malloy. The kids seemed to enjoy it and they did as well.

We concluded with our regular raffle for a great group of prizes provided by Doris & John Brannon, Stan Schultz, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Jack Parker, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Larry Jones of CED, Leslie Malloy of WESTCOAST PADS, Michael Shaw of ACCURATE CONVEYANCE TECHNOLOGIES, Andrew Ryan of INNOVATION, Carloyn Chavez of EECO and Marilyn Look of LOOK STAIRCHAIRS.

The winners were: Harvey Ledesma, Marilyn Look, Mike Shaw, Gerry McKinnon, Doris Brannon, Bernie Tillipman, Peter Callas, Barry Friesen, Woody Wright, Leslie Malloy and Randy Thurston.