Recap of meeting Of December 16, 2008

December 19, 2008

After some appropriate celebratory libations, the meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with seventy members and guests attending.

After a round of self introductions, Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, gave us a quick report which indicated that the group is ending the year on solid financial footing.

This being the annual Christmas Party meeting, we dispensed with any further business and proceeded with a terrific lunch of Steak or Salmon, according to choice, accompanied by further libations of choice.

At conclusion of lunch we launched into our raffle, for an impressive group of sixty two prizes, provided by the group and John and Doris Brannon, Jack and June Lawson, Scott Southard of Scott Elevator Consultants, Jack and Pat Parker, Bernie and Pearl Tillipman, John Boots and Chuck Morphew of Amtech, Ann, Tim and Bill Adrian of Republic Elevator, Shirley and Harvey Ledesma, Stan Schultz, Marilyn and Launis Look of Look Stairchairs, Joe Orrico of HKA, Allan Lloyd of Draka, Steve Grainer and John Faure of Mitsubishi, Larry Jones, Brian Gaa and Scott Dutton of CED, Mark Keelan of Schunk Graphite, Mary Thomsic and Sharon McKellips of Alps Wire Rope, Patricia Howard of Janus, Leslie Malloy of Westcoast Pads, Mike Farris of Lerch Bates Assoc., Steve Rosnack of Canton Elevator, Michael Shaw of Superior Elevator, Sam and Lilly Farooqi of Par Paint, Abe Salephour, Jessica O’Neal, Peter Aguirre and Carolyn Chavez of EECO and Nancy and Woody Wright.

The prizes varied from nice to magnificent and were distributed at random by first selecting a prize and then drawing the number.

The list of winners follows – it is a long list, but since there were many multiple winners, at least it is less than the total number of prizes:

Bill Adrian, Betty Wilson, Sharon McKellips, Scott Dutton, Mark Keelan, Bernie Tillipman, Gerry McKinnon, Patty Howard, Alex Cargill, Steve Rosnack, Brent Russon, Sam Farooqi, Joe Orrico, Kathy Dozani, Mike Farris, Harvey Ledesma, Jessica O’Neal, Allan Lloyd, Mike Shaw, Lupe Castrejon, Nick Escamilla, Peter Aguirre, Carolyn Chavez, Jack Lawson, Jack Parker, Woody Wright.

If we missed anyone on either list (likely with such a large group), apologies.

In conclusion – Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

See you next year.



Recap of Meeting of November 18, 2008

November 20, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with twenty nine attending.

Pete Callas, Chief Inspector of the City of Los Angeles, announced that the City is currently conducting a “campaign” to have permits properly posted in elevator cars, as required by the Los Angeles Municipal Code. He provided samples of a flyer currently being circulated to building owners and managers and elevator companies. Pete said there are 20133 active elevators in the City at this time. A survey is in process to determine the percentage in which permits are posted as required.

Scott Dutton indicated that we have reached a settlement with California Country Club as to the amount to be paid them for our June Golf Tournament. Basically, we got about a 10% discount from the usual fees, due to their scheduling error, which caused our tournament to be about two hours late in completing. Next year’s tournament will again be at California Country Club. The date is Friday, June 19, 2009, with a 1:00 p.m. starting time.

Mary Thomsic, our interim treasurer, presented a financial statement, which reflected the payment to California Country Club, and reimbursement to Mary, who picked up the tab for our October luncheon. The balance appeared to be sufficient to settle our remaining obligations, including our contribution to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation, and the November and December luncheons, with a bit left over.

We proceeded to the matter of election of officers for 2009. Mike announced that Tim Hawkins had asked that his name be withdrawn as a candidate for Vice President for health reasons. Mary Thomsic again stepped into the breach and agreed to accept this post if the membership so desired.

In the end the following were elected “viva voce” :

Vice President – Mary Thomsic; President – Allan Lloyd; Treasurer – Leslie Malloy; Secretary – John Brannon

Next, we had a presentation from Richard Lindemeyer, North American General Manager of GUSTAV WOLF.

Based in Germany, Gustav Wolf is a leading supplier of specialized wire products, not the least of which is the wire rope used for suspension, governor and compensating on elevators. Another familiar product is the reinforcing wire used in the “beads” of automobile tires, high pressure hoses, etc. Founded in 1887, Wolf has six factories and about 700 employees worldwide.

Richard gave us a quick overview of pending ASME standard A17.6, which will cover the wire ropes (and synthetic ropes) used on elevators and including much reduced sizes, down to 4 mm (about 5/32”). Approval of this standard by ASME is anticipated in the fourth quarter of 2009. Approval by local “AHJ’s” is expected to follow in the third quarter of 2010. Thanks for an informative program, Richard!

We concluded with our regular raffle. Prizes were provided by John and Doris Brannon, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jack Lawson. Mary Thomsic of ALPS, Tim Hawkins, Bernie Tillipman, Bo Kerner of CABLECO, Leslie Malloy  of WESTCOAST and Harvey Ledesma.

Winners included:

Rick Perry, Alex Cargill, Bernie Tillipman, Mike Barnham, Dave Altman, Andy Duzich, Leslie Malloy, Harvey Ledesma and Sharon McKellips.

Next month will be our fabulous Christmas party meeting. As always, corporate members are entitled to two additional guests (four total) and individual members to one guest (two total) at no additional charge. Additional guests are also welcome for the extremely nominal charge of twenty dollars each. Further details to follow.

Recap of Meeting of October 21, 2008

October 22, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with a paltry twenty four members attending.

Mike briefly reviewed the Group’s finances, indicating that the funds on hand and now under the care of our interim Treasurer, Mary Thomsic, should be sufficient to cover our outstanding obligations, which include:

Payment to California Country Club for last June’s Golf Tournament. A settlement in the negotiations over the final amount should be reached this week.

Donation to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation from the proceeds of the Golf Tournament ($3000).

Also, the balance appears adequate to cover the costs of our final three meetings, including the Christmas party.

Next, the matter of nominations for officers for 2009 was addressed. The following candidates received nominations and seconds:

President:  Allan Lloyd

Vice President: Tim Hawkins

Secretary: John Brannon

Treasurer: Leslie Malloy

Thus far, we have only one nominee for each office. Additional candidates may be proposed at the November meeting before the actual election.

Following lunch, there was a lively discussion as to how the “economic crisis” is affecting our industry. Barry Friesen indicated that the City of Los Angeles has about 100 high rise projects in Plan Check at this time. He anticipates that some of these may be delayed or cancelled, but still, there is a pretty healthy backlog.

Bill Adrian, newly confirmed as General Manager of Republic Elevator (congratulations, Bill!), stated that they have a very healthy backlog at this time, which should keep them going for a couple of years.

This confirms the concept that our industry is one of the last to feel the effects of an economic downturn. The obverse of that coin is that it is also one of the last to fully recover.

The reason, of course, is that there is a significant time lag between “booking” an order and experiencing any revenue from it, ranging generally from 6 to 24 months.

We were delighted to see some new faces:

Alan Taylor – back in Southern California once again and now working with HKA.

Brian Gaa – Working in sales for CED.

Also attending and in line for congratulations, Peter Callas.

Here’s the press release about Pete:


For Immediate Release


The City of Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety, has announced that Peter Callas has been promoted to the position of Chief Inspector Elevators and Pressure Vessels, effective October 9, 2008. He previously served as the Acting Chief since July of 2006.


Peter Callas has been with the City in the Department of Building and Safety Elevator Division for 23 years. His previously positions with the Department were Safety Engineer Elevators, Senior Safety Engineer Elevators, and Principal Inspector. In his current position he will be reporting to the Assistant Deputy Superintendent of Building, Commercial Inspection Bureau, and will be responsible for the code enforcement and inspection of over 25,000 conveyances in the jurisdiction of the City of Los Angeles.


Peter Callas succeeds Lance Wong and Harvey Ledesma who held the position of Chief Inspector for the previous two decades.


October 15, 2008

Last but not least was our raffle, for prizes provided by the Group, John and Doris Brannon, Mary Thomsic of Alps Wire Rope, Stan Schultz, Marilyn Look of Look Stairchairs, Bill Adrian of Repubic  Elevator, Allan Lloyd of Draka, Lupe Castrejon, Leslie Malloy of West Coast Pads, Tim Hawkins, and Scott Dutton of CED.

And the winners were:

Marilyn Look, Alan Taylor, Dave Altman, Allan Lloyd, Doris Brannon, Bill Adrian, Stan Schultz and Barry Friesen

Recap of Meeting of September 16, 2008

September 17, 2008

President Mike Shaw called the meeting to order with twenty-six in attendance.

After the usual round of self introductions, Mike went into the group’s financials. As per prior notice, our esteemed treasurer, Stella McIntosh, has moved out of state, leaving Mike with another “hat to wear” for the time being. Mary Thomsic, who formerly held the post of treasurer, has kindly agreed to assume these duties for the balance of this year, beginning with our next meeting. Mike reminded us that nominations for officers for next year are to be made at the October meeting, with the elections to take place at the November meeting.

Mike explained that we are still negotiating with California Country Club with respect to an adjustment for their fees relative to the June Golf Tournament. They acknowledge errors in scheduling which resulted in interference between our event and others occurring simultaneously. This resulted in our event running about two hours “overtime”.

Vice President Allan Lloyd told us he had spoken to the people at California Country Club and they apologized and promised that we will never again experience these problems. They indicated we might want to consider an early start time (7 AM), concluding with an awards luncheon instead of dinner. This would cost $14 less per person. The problems of such an action are obvious, but it is well to know all our options. Allan also suggested that we might consider an “out of town” meeting in the future, perhaps in San Diego or its environs. More details about this idea will be available in the future. Also to be considered, a dinner meeting in lieu of a lunch meeting. Perhaps more people could attend, if we started at a later time?

Speaking of the Golf Tournament, it was our best attended one ever, with about 115 players. In the group scramble format, the winners were:

First Place – Ralph Ortiz, Jorge Mesa, Marco Rosas and Herman Carrazio (-15)

Runners Up – Lewis Jones, Mike Farris and SteveBerger (-12)

Other Prize Winners:

Closest to Pin: Tom Quinn / Basil Johnson

Longest Drive: (Men) – Tim Adrian / Jeff Pepin

Longest Drive (Ladies) – Gina Lara / Doris Brannon

Most Accurate Drive (Men) – Tom Quinn

Most Accurate Drive (Ladies) – Sharon McKellips

Our scheduled speaker was unable to make it. A DVD presentation provided by them was inaudible, although the visual portion worked nicely with our projector. Alan Lloyd intends to obtain auxiliary speakers for future use.

Gerry McKinnon made an eloquent and passionate appeal on behalf of the Juvenile Diabetes Association. Gerry lost his son, David, to this terrible disease. He asked that the group donate $250 for his participation in a “walk” for this charity. The group voted “yes”.

Next was our regular raffle for a great group of prizes provided by: John and Doris Brannon, Stan Schultz, Mike Shaw, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI, Tim Hawkins, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Jack Lawson, Leslie Malloy of WESCOAST PADS, Patricia Howard of JANUS and Mary Thomsic of ALPS WIRE ROPE.


The lucky winners were:

Steve Grainer, Tim Hawkins, Cindy Orrico, Joe Orrico, Pete Callas, Mary Thomsic, Jack Lawson, Mike Corbo, Stan Schultz, Barry Friesen, Allan Lloyd, Doris Brannon, Harvey Ladesma, Jack Parker, Patricia Howard, Gerry McKinnon and Mike Shaw.



Recap of Meeting of May 20, 2008

May 21, 2008

In the absence of President Mike Shaw, Vice President Allan Lloyd called the meeting to order for the twenty six members attending. After the usual round of self introductions, Treasurer Stella McIntosh presented a financial report. Stella also informed us that long time member and industry figure Jack Parker had recently suffered a stroke. Presently, Jack is doing well. Long term prognosis is not known at this time. All present expressed their wish for a good outcome.

Chairman Scott Dutton gave us a quick review of the status of next month’s golf tournament. Things are proceeding well. While numerous sponsorships have been taken, many more remain. Anyone interested was encouraged to call Scott. Contact information is available on our web site, as is a form that can be used to finalize a sponsorship, submit your foursome(s), etc. Please give Scott a break and don’t wait until the last second to submit your information

Dave Turner presented a report on the convention of the National Association of Vertical Transportation Professionals (NAVTP) held recently in San Francisco. Dave outlined the topics presented, such as the status of the ThyssenKrupp ISIS, hall call allocation control systems and others and gave us a brief review of each. Very informative — thanks, Dave!

This month’s program was provided by Patricia Howard and Jonathan Latham of Janus Elevator Products, with particular emphasis on the requirements of the 2004 version of ASME A17.1 (commonly called the National Elevator Code). Many provisions of that code were recently adopted by the state of California as covered in detail at last months meeting.

Patricia explained the requirements for consolidation of the on car items related to “Fire Service” into a single compartment. In addition to a detailed slide presentation, an actual sample was on hand for viewing.

Jonathan concentrated on the required two way communication system requirements and also amplified his slide presentation with actual samples.

Great job, Patty and Jonathan! Thanks so much for your efforts.

The meeting concluded with our regular raffle. Prizes were provided by: John and Doris Brannon, Patricia Howard and Jonathan Latham of JANUS ELEVATOR, Stan Schultz, Jack Lawson, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Gerald McKinnon, Mark Keelan of SCHUNK Graphite, Mary Thomsic of ALPS Wire Rope, Stella McIntosh, Greg Moore of WEST COST, Marilyn Look of LOOK Stairchairs and Scott Dutton of CED.

Winners included: Peter Callas, Tim Hawkins, Dave Turner, Greg Moore, Bernie Tillipman, Mary Thomsic, Nick Escamailla, Jack Lawson, Marilyn Look, Stella McIntosh, Sharon McKellips, Andy Duzich and Sam Farooqi.

This month’s Grand prize, a portable grill, went to Jack Lawson.

Recap of Meeting of April 15, 2008

April 21, 2008

Recap of Meeting of April 15, 2008

The meeting was called to order by President Mike Shaw with about 120 attending. In view of the size of the group, the usual business session was omitted, as were self – introductions. We proceeded directly to the program, headed by Al Tafazoli, Principal Engineer for the Elevator unit of DOSH for the State of California. Additional representatives of the state code enforcing authorities on hand included Michael Boyle, Paul Puno, John Pevehouse, Steve Singleton, Daniel Barker and Al Swanson. The City of Los Angeles was represented by Chief Inspector Peter Callas, Barry Friesen and David Jennings.

All present were provided with copies of Circular letter E-08-01 form the State of California, DOSH, Elevator, Ride and Tramway Unit, which is the official notification of the new regulations which were the stimulus for our meeting. The letter can be seen here:
Mr. Tafazoli reminded us that the state’s elevator regulations are embodied in Title 8 of the California Code of Regulations, and that ASME A17.1-2004 only applies to the extent that it is incorporated in those regulations. Further, when reference is made to ASME A17.1-2004 (which we will refer to hereafter as A17), it means the original version thereof and does not include supplement 1S-2005 or addenda 1a-2005.  Al emphasized that when consulting the regulations, it is important to begin with Title 8 and refer to A17 only where directed therein. Many items are addressed in the Title 8 regulations and not necessarily covered by A17. Some examples are static controls, vertical platform (Wheelchair) lifts, water removal systems and limited use, limited access systems (“LULA’s”).

Elevators covered by these revised regulations are classified as being in a new grouping, designated Group IV. Equipment covered by previously created Groups I, II and III continue to be covered by the regulations appropriate thereto and the new regulations incorporated into Group IV are not retroactive. Previously granted permanent variances continue to be valid.

The effective date of the new regulations is May 1, 2008. For contracts signed prior to May 1, a letter of intent should be sent to the Division to insure “grandfathering” as Group III. Contracts executed on and after May 1, 2008 will be covered by Group IV.

California has no regulations governing elevators and the like in single family residences. Section 3001((b)(5) states that elevators installed in a multiunit residential serving no more than two dwelling units, not accessible to the public, installed after September 28, 2001 are required to comply with applicable provisions of ASME A17.1-1996, part 5, or ASME A18.1-1999, sections 5, 6 and 7. Such installations require an “acceptance” inspection but are not subject to periodic inspections thereafter.

Device approval (“labeling”) is still required by the State for hoistway door locks, oil buffers, governors and safety devices. Plunger grippers are added to this list by the Group IV requirements. In response to a question, it was indicated that the auxiliary braking devices required by the new regulations do not require labeling.

Conveyances used for construction covered by A17 section  5.10  are required to comply with that section and additional requirements are listed in Section 3141.10 of Title 8.

Many questions were asked concerning what are commonly called “modernization’s” (called alterations in A17). The concern is when the Group IV regulations would apply in such cases. There is no short answer. Each Group has regulations which address the subject and one must consider what is being done, look in the appropriate section and make a determination. Generally, it may be said that components that are in no way altered would continue to be governed by the rules applying at time of original installation. As a specific example, any modernization of a hydraulic elevator that did not directly affect the jack unit, would not be cause to apply the Group IV rules to that jack. Where the jack unit is replaced as part of a modernization, (alteration) Group IV rules would apply to that jack, simply because those would be the rules in effect at time of installation insofar as the jack is concerned. Where a cylinder is installed, altered or sleeved as part of an alteration it would be required to conform to rule 3.18.3 of A17, which is the same requirement a new installation would have to satisfy.

Section 3141.6 states that periodic testing (generally not previously required) shall comply with the requirements of A17 section 8.11, establishes the frequency for such tests and requires that such testing be witnessed by a “Certified Competent Conveyance Inspector” (CCCI). A CCCI is defined as “Any person who has been determined by the Division to have the qualifications and ability of a competent conveyance inspector and is certified as a CCCI by the Division”. The methods to be used by the Division to determine such competency have yet to be developed. The CCCI witnessing such tests is required to report the details and results to the Division within 21 days of the date of the test, on a form to be provided by the Division or equivalent. All statements on the form are to be made under penalty of perjury.

In a separate conversation, Mr.Tafazoli indicated that the written Maintenance Control Program, as called for in and the maintenance records called for in of A17 will be required to be kept on the premises, readily available to his inspectors upon request.

Up to date wiring diagrams are required by of A17 to be available in the machine room.

Another meeting is contemplated n the near future to discuss pending items and other developments. Thanks to all the participants for their cooperation and support!

Proceedings concluded with our regular raffle. We had a truly nice group of prizes. Unfortunately, I fear that in the rush due to the larger than usual attendance, the names of all the donors were not properly recorded. Those that were include: Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Michael Shaw of LERCH BATES, John and Doris Brannon, Bill Adrian of REPUBLIC ELEVATOR, Stan Schultz and Scott Dutton of CED. Apologies to anyone left out.

And the winners were:

Orion Pepin, Mark Anderson (big time), Mike Shaw, Phillip Hampton, Dave Turner, Alan Taylor, Marilyn Look, Doris Brannon,  Dave Turner, Jim Finley, Paul Puno, Steve Grainer, Joe Orrico, John Irelan, and last but certainly not least — the grand prize went to Teel Whittington.


Recap of Meeting of March 18, 2008

March 20, 2008

President Mike Shaw called the March meeting to order with about thirty attending. After self introductions, Mike reminded everyone that next month is the Cracker Barrel meeting relative to the new state code and emphasized the need to make reservations in view of the large turnout expected and also to submit questions in advance.

A summary financial report was presented, indicating that the Group is on solid financial footing at this time.

Golf chairman Scott Dutton reported that all is going according to plan. The brochure is ready and will be mailed soon. It may be seen on page four of our web site and a convenient full size form for sponsorships is there as well. Scott explained that the sponsorships had been expanded and the fees increased slightly, all in quest of achieving our goal of doubling the contribution to the Elevator and Escalator Safety Foundation this year.

Ed Park announced that a retirement party for Jerry Sanders will be held at Winter & Bain (1410 Elwood Street, Los Angeles, CA 90021) on April 17, 2008, from about 1 to 3 PM. All are welcome.

Joe De Simone, Vice President of Sales for Courion, gave us a very nice presentation, entitled “Freight Doors – 101”. It was concise but very complete and effective. Courion’s antecedent companies, well known to us “old timers” were St. Louis Fire Door and Security Fire Door. They also acquired former competitors Guilbert and Harris Preble.  They have files on about 34,000 jobs.

Freight elevators account for only 3 to 5% of the elevator market at this time, but they still constitute an item of major industrial importance and their usefulness would be severely limited without freight doors. Two very important features of freight doors are — opening width is the same as the platform width, and they have the rugged construction necessary to accommodate the handling of large heavy items and provide a “bridge” between the building floor and the elevator platform.

The standard Courion product complies with NEMA standards, 1,4,12 and 13, so only the so called “explosion proof” category is “special order”.

Doors are furnished for all four loading classes (A, B, C1 and C2).

The doors bear an Underwriters “B” label (1-1/2 hours). Both steel plate and wood core doors are available

The accompanying car gates are now all supplied with non contact reversing edges, which can also be retro fitted. Car gates have “VFD” (variable frequency) drive, a distinct advantage over the old two speed type.

The accompanying control system is now all solid state (no more “Christmas Tree” relays). Serial communication reduces the number of wires required from 64 to 9.

Door shoes are now all one piece of molybdenum nylon and are “ambidextrous” such that the same shoe may be used in any location.

Gate limit switches are a simple cam and contact arrangement, replacing the screw drive formerly used.

Courion will furnish and install or just supply the equipment according to the customers requirements. They also supply Cart Lift systems, a subject for another time perhaps.

Joseph De Simone, VP Sales, Courion Industries (click on picture to enlarge)

Great job, Joe — thanks!!

We concluded with our raffle for some nice prizes provided by Jack Parker, John and Doris Brannon, Jack Lawson, Mary Thomsic and Sharon McKellips of ALPS WIRE ROPE, Greg Moore of WESTCOAST, Allan Lloyd of DRAKA, Sam Farooqi of PAR PAINT, Jeff Runtz of KONE, Scott Dutton of CED, Steve Grainer of MITSUBISHI and Gordon Simpkins of GMS.

Winners included, Sharon McKellips, Jack Parker, Gordon Simpkins, Robert Sylvest, Marilyn Look, Steve Grainer, Joe Gomez, Mike Shaw, Lupe Castrejon, Sam Farooqi, Gerry McKinnon, Jeff Runtz, Stan Schultz and Harvey Ledesma.

This months attendance prize, a DVD recorder/player, provided by COURION went to Sharon McKellips.