President’s Message – September 2012 (Recap of EIGSC’s Summer)

September 17, 2012

EIGSC_The Shaft Newsletter-September 2012


Surf and Turf
As summer comes to an end and we begin our new Fiscal New Year let’s review what has been a busy summer of funfor the members of the Elevator Industry Group of Southern California (EIGSC). First we had our annual Golf Outing on June 22nd, which has always been a very successful annual event and this year was no different. It is a costly event however this event attracts great participation and for a worthy cause, again this year it is with great honor that we are able to send some proceeds to the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF).­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Hats off to Gordon Wege of C.E.D. Elevator! Being the Chairman of this event is an enormous challenge and if it weren’t for the hard work and dedication of Gordon, it just wouldn’t have happened.

 Then there was the Harbor Cruise (1st Annual). Earlier in the year it was suggested by a member that we have a Harbor Cruise and pointing out that other organizations like ours in Chicago and New York have a Small Harbor Cruises and they literally get hundreds of participants.

 Pictured from left to right are: Wood Wright; Mark Menke; Joe and Cindy Orrico; Buzz and Marla Markert; Tim and Linda Hawkins; Jack and Barbara Semjian; Ed and Lilly Parks; Randy and Janelle Thurston

So we decided because not everyone plays Golf and this could be something for everyone that a late August Harbor Cruise would finish off the summer and it would be just for fun. So it was, on a Saturday August 18th the EIGSC set sail on the Good Ship “M/V Hornblower RV” at the Newport Beach Harbor. Those that attended were treated to a Gourmet Meal, Tropical Drinks, Good Company and the Cool Summer Breeze of the Harbor Cruise.

The September meeting (September 18th) at Taix’s restaurant will feature an open forum to those in attendance to discuss a number issues.  We will discuss what where our Industry is headed (some economic views) and what changes we would like to see. We will discuss this from the Property manager’s, the Contractor’s and Labor’s point of view. I would like to tie these opinion together with how the EIGSC could be instrumental in affecting positive outcomes.

See you Tuesday, Sept. 18th @ Taix!


EIGSC’s Monthly Message – June 2012

June 6, 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter June 2012


EIG Golf Registration Form 2012

2012 EIGSC EESF Golf Brochure


The first half of 2012 has come to an end for the EIGSC and we are pleased to announce we have realized some of our goals.

–> We provided some very interesting programs and Guest Speakers

–> Rebuilt our Web Site, the Shaft and cleaned up our membership list

–> Attracted New Members

–> Put together a Summer Social Event

–> Promoting Education and Networking

–> Increased Attendance

We are hopeful the remaining 4 meetings will provide the same level of enthusiasm and interest in helping with our theme to “Survive and Thrive in 2012”.

Our special thanks to one of our newest members, Angelika Carry for her splendid presentation of “Fire Smoke Curtains”. It is apparent you have made an impressive presentation when the Questions and Answer period is extended.


Golf is right around the corner at the California Country Club June 22nd


Our Newest Summer Activity is already receiving a lot of interest

and that is a summer event for everyone, our first


Look forward to seeing you

Friday-June 22nd at the California Country Club,

Saturday-August 18th on the MOJO Harbor Cruise, and/or

Tuesday-September 18th at TAIX’s!

Have a safe and enjoyable summer!

EIGSC’s Monthly Message – May 2012

May 10, 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter – May 2012


May is the month of Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and will also be our last meeting before we adjourn for the summer.  Ideally, we can spend the summer preparing the whole balance of the year’s speakers in advance while we enjoy our annual golf outing and the new Harbor Cruise, slated as an August event in which everyone who doesn’t golf can attend. Look for future details in your e-mail!

When we have a cancellation of a guest speaker it throws us for a spin. In April, a California Business Publication Editor cancelled last minute. Fortunately for us Mark Menke of Elevator Products (EPCO) was able to perform admirably with a very informative presentation of EPCO products. Normally, our Secretary, Christine Lam of EPCO, would have made this presentation but since she is traveling on business my friend “the three wood” filled in. Thanks Mark.

This May we are having a New Member of the EIGSC as our guest speaker. Angelika Carry, Sales Manager of Smoke Guard Smoke containment and Fire Curtain Systems.

EIGSC’s ultimate goal is to bring excellence to our Industry though a commitment to Education, Ethics and the side benefit of Networking and Camaraderie. We appreciate the fact that you have joined the EIGSC because you agree and support our goals so take a couple of hours out of your month and come to our monthly meetings.

Finally, common complaints we hear today in our businesses are “cash flow is slow”, “money is tight”, “I might have to lay off if things don’t pick up”, and unfortunately it goes down- hill from there (Kind of a trickle down in a negative way). So as we tighten our belts and tell our employees we have to do a little more to survive the least we can do is to pass on a compliment on doing a good job.  Employees that know their efforts are appreciated feel more like they belong and consequently will go the extra mile during tough times. The best part is it doesn’t cost a dime.

Look forward to seeing you May 15th at TAIX to hear more about Smoke Guards and Fire Curtain Systems!

EIGSC President – George “Buzz” Markert (EECO) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Christine Lam (EPCO) / Treasurer – Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon

EIGSC’s Monthly Message – April 2012

April 9, 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter – April 2012


If you missed last month’s round table, we had a great round table of elevator consultants in the Greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas communicate some trends and needs for the elevator industry. 

Moderated by EIGSC President, the round table discussion of elevator consultants answered a series of questions.  Topics discussed were preventive maintenance, how specified products and services are assessed, and the end goal of servicing the Customer.  It seems the number of Contractors interested in this type of forum was greater than usual and the questions from the floor were beneficial to all who attended.  We had a few requests for an encore with more time to be allotted for Questions & Answers session.

Thank you EIGSC members, guests and especially our round table of elevator consultants who attended in March!

Look forward to seeing you April 17th @ Taix’s Restaurant!

EIGSC President – George “Buzz” Markert (EECO) / Vice President – Ralph Lawson (Retired) / Secretary – Christine Lam (EPCO) / Treasurer – Janice Clavet (Lerch Bates) / Sergeant at Arms – Doris Brannon

President’s Monthly Message – March 2012

March 12, 2012

EIGSC – The Shaft Newsletter – March 2012


The Ides of March are upon us. Well, almost and even though the Ides (middle) of March aren’t quite upon us it is not too soon for all of us to plan on setting aside a couple of hours for the 20th of this Month for our monthly meeting of the EIGSC.

In February we were treated to a fact packed presentation from Craig Valine (see the Secretary’s notes in this issue of “Shaft”). Thanks Craig we will check out your web site for further information.

This month we will have a “round- table” discussion from our EIGSC member Consultants. Questions will be posed to the panel that pertain to the panel’s expert opinion on such subjects as “When should an Elevator Contractor recommend Modernization to his clients?” and “What do Consultants look for when examining and recommending a new service?” to mention a few. Time permitting we will have a question and answer session following.

Please read our salute to Stan Schultz this month. This very short story of his involvement with our Group (and a little of his life) over the years should make you proud of belonging to the Group and give you a sense of what it is to help grow our Elevator Industries Knowledge and Reputation.

 Finally, don’t forget to stop celebrating the day after St. Patrick’s Day. I, for one, will enjoy a green beer or a Guiness or two with a corned beef and cabbage meal on that day to help celebrate the Irish in our midst  – me mother for instance.